Research Opportunities for Fellows

Research carried out by members of the division in the following areas:

Mycology Research Group: Dr. Fries has an active NIH funded mycology research program that actively collaborates with faculty members in Microbiology.

Nosocomial infection Research Group: Dr. Diago-Navarro and Dr. Fries study Anti-infective antibodies to Klebsiella strains. In addition, our ID division is a crackle II study site. This NIH funded study is a large epidemiological study on emergence of carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae. Fellows will do their quality and safety research with these patient cohort.

Lyme Disease Research Group: Stony Brook is situated at the epicenter of Lyme disease in North America. Our University Hospital sees several hundred patients per year. Under leadership of Dr. Benjamin Luft, the Division of Infectious Diseases is at the forefront of an interdepartmental research program, using cutting edge molecular biological techniques to develop reliable diagnostic tests, multivalent vaccines and innovative therapies.  

Tropical Medicine and Global Health Research Group: Dr. Luis Marcos and Dr. Peter Small (Director of the Global Health Institute) are involved in research in tropical medicine in Magadascar (cysticercosis, soil-transmitted helminthiasis, taeniasis, among others). In addition, research in chronic infectious diseases and cancer is being conducted in collaboration with Peru.  

HIV Group: Under the direction of Dr. Jack Fuhrer, Stony Brook Medicine¹s HIV program is one of 8 sites around the country that participates in the HIV Outpatient Study (HOPS). With greater than 25 years of experience, the HOPS program has published broadly and has been a leader in advancing our knowledge of real life clinical outcomes of patients with HIV. Opportunities for fellows to participate are strongly encouraged. Recently, our local HIV group has embarked on a clinical study of the treatment of HCV infection in co-infected individuals.