Summer Lectures 2021

During the months of July and August, fellows receive a series of lectures given by faculty on the basics of Infectious Diseases. The goal of these lectures is to offer an introduction to the Infectious Diseases Program to the fellows focused on practical clinical questions encountered during consultations. All lectures are on Thursday and Fridays from 9am to 10am.

Date Day Lecture Speaker
July 8


Introduction of Infectious Disease Consultation Service  Dr. Roderick Go
July 9 Friday Tick borne Disease and Rickettsiosis (Clinical Aspects) Dr. Luis Marcos
July 15 Thursday Travel Medicine Dr. Zeena Lobo
July 16 Friday Infection Control Dr. Susan Donelan
July 22 Thursday Immunology Part I: Innate Immunity Dr. Sutthichai Sae-Tia
July 23 Friday Intra-abdominal Infection Dr. George Psevdos
July 29 Thursday Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT Dr. Bernadette Maramara
July 30 Friday Pathogenic Yeasts: Candida, Cryptococcus and Histoplasmosis Dr. Somanon Bhattacharya
August 5 Thursday Topics on HIV Dr. Jack Fuhrer
August 6 Friday Viral Hepatitis Dr. Nancy Azab
August 12 Thursday ID Pathology Dr. Tahmeena Ahmad
August 13 Friday Antimicrobial Dosing in Special Population Dr. Melina Monteforte
August 19 Thursday Evaluation of Patients with Immunodeficiency Dr. Brianne Navetta-Modrov
August 20 Friday Tuberculosis Dr. Charles Vorkas
August 26 Thursday Topics on Transplant Infections Dr. Adina Musta
August 27 Friday The Novel Diagnostic Testing in Infectious Diseases Dr. Andrew Handel
Sept 2 Thursday Syphilis Dr. Miguel Saldivar
Sept 3 Friday Endocarditis Dr. Roy Steigbigel
Sept 10 Friday Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic   of Antimicrobial Agents Dr. Melina Monteforte