Stony Brook Medicine Wins the John A. Hartford Foundation Tipping Point Challenge in the Overall Course Completions Category

On February 5th, The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) announced the winners of the inaugural round of The John A. Hartford Foundation Tipping Point Challenge, a national innovation and quality improvement challenge sponsored by CAPC and The John A. Hartford Foundation.

Dr. Grace LaTorre, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Interim Director, Palliative Medicine Program, proudly announced the following:

Stony Brook Medicine has been named the winning organization in the following categories for The John A. Hartford Tipping Point Challenge, a national competition established to catalyze the spread of skills, ideas, and solutions that will improve health care delivery and the lives of all people living with a serious illness.

"In the last five years as members of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) Stony Brook Medicine’s Palliative Care team, medical students, medical residents and fellows, social workers, nurses, hospitalist, nurse practitioners and other staff have completed thousands of courses. In 2019 alone over 2,300 courses were completed.  

"In light of this tremendous accomplishment, the Palliative Care Team would like to congratulate all the clinicians and other staff across the organization who participated in the Challenge, leading us to national recognition. Also, a very special thank you to our hospital leadership who have continued to support this very useful resource.”

From the CAPC: “The goal of the first Tipping Point Challenge was to help health care organizations expand the ability to effectively care for seriously ill patients by enhancing skills among clinicians in all medical specialties treating serious illness. These include communication, pain management, and symptom management skills.

“The Challenge is the cornerstone of a five-year campaign aimed at creating a tipping point in the improvement of care delivered to millions of Americans living with a serious illness. Over 1500 organizations participated.”

Congratulations are extended to Dr. LaTorre and the entire Palliative Care team on this well-deserved accomplishment.

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