Making a Difference: Medical Students Join the Fight Against COVID-19

Dr. Lisa Strano-Paul, Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Department of Medicine, Assistant Dean for Clinical Education, and Director of Primary Care Clerkship, is wearing another hat these days: she’s the Course Director for the Renaissance School of Medicine COVID-19 Service Learning elective.

Since the onset, Dr. Strano-Paul and her team have trained and deployed hundreds of medical students in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and their efforts have helped many patients in the community adjust to life during this pandemic.

These amazing students have aided our patients on many fronts. They:

  • Delivered meals for residents and hospitalists
  • Conducted geriatric outreach, which included grocery delivery
  • On-boarded close to 1000 patients for the new world of telehealth appointments
  • Collected PPE for manufacturing and distribution

The students have also screened patients as they entered Stony Brook University Hospital, conducted covid testing in our pathology labs, and have participated in extensive covid data collection.

In addition, a number of Renaissance School of Medicine med students graduated early, and are working as assistant physicians on the Medicine floors.

The Department of Medicine and The Renaissance School of Medicine are extremely proud of Dr. Strano-Paul and her team for the training that was assembled in a matter of weeks, and of the students who participated in real-life training, and ultimately, stepped up to help the community (and raised the bar for healthcare) during this unprecedented time.