International Research Network for NOD2 Associated Diseases (IRNNOD2AD)

Nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-containing protein 2 (NOD2) associated  diseases are a rapidly expanding group of inflammatory conditions including Crohn’s disease (CD), Blau syndrome (BS), and Yao syndrome (YAOS). While these disorders share some overlapping clinical manifestations, their clinical features, treatments, and outcomes are distinct. Among these conditions, YAOS has been recently characterized and involves multi-organ systems, which can easily lead to misdiagnosis and confusion with systemic autoimmune and other systemic auto-inflammatory diseases. YAOS does not seem uncommon.

To raise more awareness and further our understanding of NOD2-associated diseases, especially YAOS and BS, the International Research Network for NOD2 Associated Diseases (IRNNOD2AD) has been formed under the leadership of Dr. Qingping Yao, Stony Brook University. The network consists of multi-disciplinary world-renowned clinicians/researchers and research scientists with interest in studying these diseases. The first meeting was held virtually on December 8, 2021, with the purpose of setting the long-term objectives of the network. The initial goals discussed and prioritized by the network members are the following:

1) Broadcasting relevant knowledge about the group of diseases in the medical community and the public to meet the needs of patients.
2) Publishing position papers or developing consensus guidelines for YAOS and BS.
3) Creating collaborations among clinicians, researchers/scientists, and patients to advance basic, translational and clinical research of these diseases.
4) Generating research ideas for future grant funding opportunities.

The ultimate objective of the network is to provide easily accessible, multi-disciplinary, standardized, and high-quality information that would accelerate research discoveries, improve diagnosis, and offer effective care for patients.

Yao Conference Final

Upper panelists: from left to right

Dr. Ruth Napier, Research Scientist, Oregon Health & Science University, US
Dr. Qingping Yao, Rheumatologist, Stony Brook University, US.
Dr. John Davis, Rheumatologist, Mayo Clinic, US
Dr. Garabet Yeretssian, Research Scientist, NY, US

Mid panelists: from left to right

Dr. Min Shen, Rheumatologist, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China
Dr. Naotomo Kambe, Dermatologist, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
Dr. Christine McDonald, Research Scientist, Cleveland Clinic, US
Dr. Brianne Navetta-Modrov, Allergist/Immunologist, Stony Brook University, US

Lower panelists: from left to right
Dr. Karoline Krause, Dermatologist/Allergist, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
Dr. Bo Shen, gastroenterologist, Columbia University, US
Dr. Lawrence Afrin, Hematologist/Oncologist, AIM Center for Personalized Medicine, US