Hometown: Cali, Colombia / Bethpage, NY
Undergraduate School: Stony Brook University
Medical School: SUNY Downstate
Hobbies/Interests: Running, reading, cooking, travel, k-pop, interior design
Why Stony Brook? Stony Brook has always been a very special place for me since being here for undergrad; I knew I would come back at some point in my career. I wanted an academic center with strong research background and a warm, welcoming environment. I knew that this was the right program for me even at the pre-interview dinner and the interview day only confirmed it. Dr. Lane gave a very warm introduction to the program and demonstrated how supportive the leadership is of the residents. Everyone I have met here is very special and I feel lucky to work with such wonderful residents. The surrounding area is also beautiful and for someone who loves nature there are plenty of places to visit and enjoy!