Stony Brook Primary Care Alumni Network

As a graduate of Stony Brook’s Primary Care Track, you become part of a large network of amazing physicians who have pursued a variety of career pathways. Take a moment to learn more about where some of our graduates have gone and how the PC track helped them in their next career steps.


The Stony Brook PC track allowed me to get great didactic training in various primary care topics that other residents don't otherwise get (i.e. Derm, MSK, Ophthalmology, etc), which is so important in training to be an internist! You also get a variety of great connections with previous alumni, as well as with physicians in the community (Stony and non-Stony) to do electives with (my personal favorite was Pain management with Dr. Kaushal)! And of course, getting to hang out with Dr. Ng's 2 adorable dogs is just amazing 🙂

Christina D'Agostino, MD
Class of 2022
Chief Medical Resident 2022-2023

General Internal Medicine Fellows in Medical Education
Northwell Health


The PC track is a fantastic opportunity to explore real outpatient life! It goes well beyond the regularly scheduled ambulatory clinic in that you see a myriad of outpatient styles and environments, which is supplemented by electives relevant to a primary care outpatient setting (for example, dermatology and orthopedics). Dr. Ng also creates a rich didactic schedule that focuses more on ambulatory patient concerns and management. You have ample inpatient time during your residency, so if you are considering a career that has a component of outpatient or is a majority outpatient, this is the perfect track for you to allow further expansion into the outpatient sphere!

Caitlin Gauvin, DO
Class of 2022
Chief Medical Resident 2022-2023

Infectious Disease Fellow
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital


Stony Brook primary care track was an integral part of my internal medicine residency experience. Dedicated didactics and exposure to diverse ambulatory experiences such as sports medicine, dermatology, addiction medicine and correctional medicine enhanced my education and helped inform my interests. In addition, group activities with a close knit group of supportive colleagues and mentors greatly enriched my time at Stony Brook.

Davina Chen, DO
Class of 2022
Rheumatology Fellow
Albert Einstein College of Medicine - Montefiore Medical Center


I loved everything about the track, starting of course with Dr. Ng who has always been so warm, approachable, and always willing to help with anything! I enjoyed the lecture series we had, they were very informational and most important they were relevant to a career in Primary Care. I would say that my favorite thing about the track was being able to do all my electives in a clinic setting.

 I highly recommend the track especially if you want to be part of a more intimate group and of course if primary care interests you, there are a lot of really cool electives that otherwise you may not be able to do which I think really enhanced my residency experience like going to the county jail and also being able to shadow social workers from Well Life.

Diana A. Lenis, MD
Class of 2022
Global and Rural Health Fellow
University of Washington


Stony Brook’s primary care track internal medicine program was so much more than I thought it would be. My co-residents, seniors, chiefs, and attendings always supported me every step of the way. The broad range of academic and clinical experiences pushed me to become a better physician. I learned so much beyond medicine too: everything from wellness to practice management to career development.  It was an excellent foundation for my current practice as a primary care doctor.

Avishek Chatterjee, MD
Class of 2021
Internal Medicine, Primary Care Physician
Brown Medicine, Providence Primary Care


Having joined the PC track after my intern year, I felt great motivation to explore all aspects of primary care ranging from addiction medicine to community practice. Having a like-minded, encouraging group of colleagues kept me forward-thinking and curious about what I could learn to be prepared for my future practice. PC track helped connect me with preceptors/mentors that I otherwise would not have had an opportunity to work with. 

Tim Chong, MD
Class of 2021
Geriatric Medicine

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Stony Brook Medicine


The Primary Care Track allowed me to have such diverse clinical experiences which ranged from a private endocrinology clinic, home visits for geriatric patients, to the Stony Brook Bariatric and Weight Loss Center. I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Ng shaped those experiences according to your own educational and professional goals. Furthermore, it was great having dedicated primary care lectures in addition to our IM residency didactics. Not only did we learn a lot, but we also had so much fun - from completing a 5K together, kayaking in Stony Brook Harbor to having potluck brunches. I'm so grateful for being part of the SB Primary Care Track.

Angela Lo, MD
Class of 2021
Geriatric Medicine 

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Stony Brook Medicine


My only regret about the Primary Care Track is that I did not join it sooner. I always knew in my heart that primary care was for me, but I thought that I should explore other options and made the switch my third year of residency. What I did not realize is that the Primary Care Track does not limit your options, in fact, it expands them and gives you opportunities that you would not have if you went the traditional route. Because the majority of internal medicine residency consists of inpatient training, you often do not get additional exposure to many important outpatient issues. The Primary Care Track offers training in women's health, men's health, sports medicine, obesity medicine and addiction medicine, just to name a few rotations. As the Primary Care Track Program Director, Dr. Ng hand picks the providers that you rotate with to ensure you have an excellent learning experience every time. Now as I am preparing to be a primary care attending, I am so thankful for the additional primary care training that I received, and I feel much more confident that I have the knowledge and tools to succeed. Even if you are not certain that you will choose primary care, I highly recommend the Primary Care Track because it will help to balance your inpatient and outpatient training, and as a result make you an even more well-rounded physician.

Nicole Lum, MD
Class of 2020
Chief Medical Resident 2020 – 2021

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Medicine-Pediatrics Associate Program Director
Stony Brook Medicine


The PC track at Stony Brook helped me become a well-rounded general internist and educator. Dr. Ng listened to residents’ feedback and built a strong program with a diverse curriculum so that we can confidently take care of patients with different needs. I felt very prepared as a new attending, and my special interests are obesity medicine, LGBTQ, HIV PrEP, geriatrics, and mental health. I owe my successful career to the Stony Brook Internal Medicine Program, and I am so thankful for the everlasting friendship and mentorship.

Ruth Abeles, MD, MS
Class of 2019
Chief Medical Resident 2019-2020

Assistant Clinical Professor
Division of General Medicine
University of California, San Diego


Being in the PC track allowed me to get a glimpse of what different primary care practices look like and how they operate. It was also a good way to hone in on skills you wouldn’t otherwise get from inpatient medicine, such as administering steroid injections to the shoulder or knee. 

Eugene Choi, MD
Class of 2019
Internal Medicine, Primary Care Physician
Kaiser Permanente, Panorama City, CA


I found that the Primary Care lectures on ambulatory-specific topics, everything from GAD/depression to outpatient dermatology to obesity management, as well as rotations through Sport Medicine and Addiction Medicine (as well as adding other rotations of personal interest) were great ways to enrich our learning in residency. The volunteer and group activities we did together, whether it was teaching a healthy diet to an audience at the local library or kayaking at the Stony Brook Harbor, were also memorable. Overall, the Primary Care track afforded a broad and excellent opportunity to take advantage of outpatient learning that is not traditionally built into an Internal Medicine training program.

Shing (Ben) Cheng, MD
Class of 2019
Internal Medicine, Primary Care Physician
MLK Community Medical Group, Compton, CA


The PC track was a great experience! I especially enjoyed all of the ambulatory care electives and the opportunity to work in diverse settings with many different providers. It's great to get outside of the four walls of the hospital and understand disease treatment in an addiction center or assisted living facility for instance. These experiences not only enhanced my clinical knowledge and expertise but they also fostered connections that will last throughout my career. 

Astha Muttreja, MD, MPH
Class of 2018
Internal Medicine/Obesity Medicine Physician
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Stony Brook Medicine


The PC Track was great for the close knit community and educational experiences that are unique within the program. It definitely improved my mental wellbeing during residency times. As a hospitalist, I am always proud to tell my patients that I am their Primary care physician within the hospital ward and they are very appreciative of that explanation.

Sean Hsu, MD
Class of 2017
Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, Illinois


The primary care track at Stony Brook Medicine holds a special place in my heart. To this day, I continue to appreciate the well-rounded experience the primary care track provided. From outpatient medicine, private practice, addiction medicine, job searching skills, I am so thankful for the education I was provided. Beyond education, the primary care track is a true extended family within the residency program. From potlucks to journal clubs, the primary care track cultivates lifelong friendships as you pursue your studies. The grit, zeal and compassion of faculty are second to none!

William Carroll, MD
Class of 2017
Chief Medical Resident 2017-2018

Assistant Professor of Medicine 
Extensivist General Internal Medicine Physician 
University of California - Los Angeles
David Geffen School of Medicine