kimberly y

Hometown: Potomac, MD 
Undergraduate School: Carnegie Mellon University
Medical School: New York Medical College  
Hobbies/Interests: Huge country/pop music fan, I love playing the guitar/singing when I have a chance, board games, baking
Why Stony Brook?
Stony Brook offers a diverse range of learning experiences nurtured by a team of dedicated teaching attendings and supportive group of residents.  I knew I wanted to join the Stony Brook family after my interview day, where I was blown away by the comradery amongst the Stony Brook residents and the program director’s approachability and commitment to resident wellness.  Having now started residency, I’m grateful for the environment the program fosters and the balance of mentored and more independent experiences that have guided me to learn and accomplish things I didn’t think possible in such a short period of time.