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Salary and Benefits

Annual Salaries

The stipends for Psychiatry residents, as of July 1, 2015, are:

PGY-1 = $60,852
PGY-2 = $64,735
PGY-3 = $68,285
PGY-4 = $71,837
PGY-5 = $75,384
PGY-6 = $78,929
PGY-7 = $86,865

NB: These stipends reflect a "cost of living allowance" of $2,500 plus a "location stipend" of $3,026. They also are subject to annual increases, pending United University Professions (UUP) agreements. The chief resident bonus is a prorated $1,000 amount split by all chief residents.


PGY-1: All incoming interns will be provided with 2 textbooks: Kaplan and Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry and Kaplan & Sadock's Pocket Handbook of Psychiatric Drug Treatment
PGY-2: $250 stipend to attend conferences, if presenting at a conference: $750
PGY-3: $300 stipend to attend conferences, if presenting at a conference: $800
PGY-4: $350 stipend to attend conferences, if presenting at a conference: $850

In the PGY-4 year, the Kaufman Board Review Course (Neurology for Psychiatrists) is paid for.

Vacation Policy

Four weeks of vacation time are allowed each year. Vacation time must be scheduled in advance.


Health insurance and life insurance are available. Malpractice coverage is included in the Psychiatry residency program.


Meals are provided for those residents on call at University Hospital.


Residents are responsible for obtaining their own housing with referral assistance given by the department.

Local Area Transportation

Transportation to and from Stony Brook University is easily available.

Major roads connect the University with New York City, Brookhaven National Lab, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, the Hamptons, beaches and other attractions.

Ferry service is available to Bridgeport and New London, CT for connections to New England.

Rail service is available from the University campus to New York City and JFK Airport.

Air service is provided from Islip/MacArthur, LaGuardia and John F Kennedy Airports.