Registration Information For Third Year Students: Registering for the Fourth Year


Please consider this page an additional reference page in case you have questions. Refer to this page before emailing Caroline Lazzaruolo.

Registration Deadlines and Procedures

The academic year for fourth year students will begin on or around July 1. All of the information you will need to register is online at: (click registration and then 4th year).

You must meet with your advisor at least once before you register online, so contact your advisor to set up an appointment time.


If you have delayed a core clerkship into the 4th year, you should notify Caroline Lazzaruolo.  Failure to respond may result in a delay of graduation since the delayed clerkship will not be assigned.

Course Registration

Courses do not appear on your record unless they are entered into CBase. Your name will not appear on class lists for which you have not properly registered, making it impossible for grades to be entered by Course Directors. Courses do not appear on your transcript if they are not entered into CBase. Off campus electives are entered into CBase when an Elective Approval form and written proof of an offer and acceptance is submitted to the Office of Medical Education. An email from the site or a copy of the offer/acceptance line in VSAS will satisfy this requirement. This must be done a minimum of 30 days  prior to the start of the elective.

Elective Registration

Students are responsible for arranging their own electives

The Office of Medical Education is often called upon to complete paperwork requested by elective sites. This Office must also maintain records of the sites to which students plan to go for electives.  Students are urged to arrange electives through the appropriate channels at off campus' sites so that grades can be processed, liability insurance can be in place and so that academic records are available for future reference. VSAS is used for many sites. If transcripts are requested, please contact Dianne Tokar or Caroline Lazzaruolo.

If proof of immunizations, or personal health insurance coverage away from Stony Brook are requested, students are responsible for providing this information. The Office of Student Affairs and Student Health Services, as well as your private physician, maintains copies of student health forms and often provides students with photocopies to use when applying for electives. Please contact Mary Jean Allen or your personal health insurance carrier when inquiring about personal health insurance coverage at off campus sites. Off campus sites may have a variety of requirements to be submitted as supporting material with your applications. Read their instructions carefully.