Academic Guidelines

Academic Guidelines for the
Fourth Year Medical Student

Please Note:

Health/Immunization Records must be brought to every rotation not at UHMC. Lack of these forms may delay your rotation. The health records will not be faxed to the site from Stony Brook. Some sites, such as NUMC and the VAMC may have new health requirements. Other sites  require drug testing, fingerprinting or background checks. Please check with each site 6 to 8 weeks prior to the start of the rotation to be sure you meet their requirements.

Curriculum Requirements:

The fourth year curriculum allows students significant latitude in pursuing their educational objectives. During the time starting in July and ending mid-May, students are required to successfully complete 30 weeks of the fourth year curriculum. 16 weeks must be spent in the Stony Brook system (UH, WUH, VA or NUMC). If course work is delayed from the third year, the required 30 weeks of 4th year work does NOT include the delayed third year work/time.

See 4th Year Course Requirements for specific required course information.

Grading and Evaluation Process:

In order to receive credit, at the completion of each rotation,  the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education must receive an evaluation of your performance. Most course directors enter grades directly into CBase. Some may provide paperwork you can use to collect comments from clinical preceptors. Your responsibilities regarding this will be clearly spelled out on the first day of your rotation by your course director. Please follow their instructions to be sure your grades are entered to CBase in a timely manner.

For away electives the UME submits a paper evaluation to the site which returns it directly to the UME when the elective is completed. Occasionally, the student may have to hand carry an evaluation to or from a site. The UME cannot accept a grade form from a student unless the paperwork is in an envelope that is sealed and signed by the evaluator on the evaluator’s site letterhead. Students are required to evaluate their experience at off-campus electives. Bonnie, in the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, will provide a form on which to do this.

Students access their grades on CBase. Grades are released to students after they have completed an electronic course evaluation in CBase, or a paper evaluation in the case of off-campus electives. Students should review their evaluation results and are urged to discuss their evaluations with their supervisers soon after each rotation is completed.

 Grade Appeals

A student is urged to consult the Medical School Policies and Procedures Manual before appealing a course grade.


Communications with 4th year students are difficult due to geographic dispersal.E-mail is the method used for class communications from the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education and should be checked regularly. It is the student's responsibility to read email to get messages concerning the NRMP and Early Matches, Graduation requirements and other essential information. The UME office emails the students on Fridays in a “TGIF” email that has “Timely General Information on Fridays”. Students should read these carefully as they will have essential information in them.

Students are required to keep their contact information current by updating CBase on a regular basis. Mailing labels for letters and other information sent home to students are generated from the CBase system. Phone numbers and beeper numbers must also be updated by the students in CBase.



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