Drop/Add and Swaps


Change in Course Enrollment

Term enrollment is handled through SOLAR before each semester begins and after the student has resolved any holds, blocks or “To Do’s” in the SOLAR menu.

Course enrollment is handled through CBase. Students drop/add by logging onto CBase, selecting the Registration/Drop/Add tabs. A tutorial is available to show you how to use this function. The deadline for making ALL scheduling changes is 30 days prior to the start of the course/rotation/elective you are changing.

The drop/add function has a chart that shows you a calendar representation of your scheduled courses. It also lists courses that start 30 days or more in the future. You entire schedule can be seen in other parts of CBase. You are NOT un-enrolled from a course when it “disappears” in the drop/adds. Courses “disappear” when they start less than 30 days in the future. They still appear in your schedule (“view course history/grades”).

Click Here for information on setting up electives

General Information:

  • You become enrolled for a course when it is posted on CBase as approved. If you start any rotation before it appears in CBase, you will not be registered for the rotation, not be covered by liability insurance and will not receive credit for taking the rotation. This includes both mandatory and elective courses.
  • Students DO NOT call affiliated sites to arrange or discuss changes for clerkships or 4th year mandatory rotations. Changes are made using CBase/drop/adds. Sometimes a student holds a “minimum spot”—this means if the student drops the course, the section for the course will close and other students may be affected, as well as the future use of the affiliate site. The SBUMC Course Director is the ONLY person who can make a change in this situation. These changes are made 30 days in advance electronically. WUH campus students make scheduling change requests by working with the Associate Dean at Winthrop.
  • Third year students cannot change the dates of their clerkships without affecting their Family Medicine preceptor assignments. However, site assignments can be changed. Use CBase.


  • Fourth year students can take electives at Stony Brook Hospital or its affiliates (WUH, NUMC or VA), as well as at other sites that are approved by the Dean's Office.
  • Third year students take electives at Stony Brook Hospital, WUH, the VA or NUMC  until they have completed 44 weeks of third year work including the core clerkships (Medicine, Neurology, Ambulatory Care, Psychiatry, Surgery, Pediatrics, OB).
  • If you set up an off campus elective, notify the Office of Medical Education by submitting an Elective Approval form, as well as forwarding the email offer of the elective sent to you from the site. If you apply using VSAS, let us know and we can retrieve the offer and acceptance from the VSAS site.
  • Occasionally, an elective site will send information to the UME office for us to forward to you. Keep your phone, email and mailing addresses up to date in CBase so that we can reach you. Our office will always use the official SOM email address to contact you.
  • If a student cancels an away elective, our UME office must receive written acknowledgement from the away site that the student is released from the rotation. The student remains enrolled in the rotation, and is responsible for completing it, until such acknowledgement has been received.
  • If an affiliate agreement is needed, a minimum of a 4 month lead time is needed for a request to be made. Even with this much advanced notice, it is sometimes possible that an agreement will not be put in place. Please plan ahead. At 30 days before the proposed rotation should begin, if an agreement is not in place, the rotation MUST be dropped by the student.
  • It is the student's responsibility to see that all information arrives in the UME on time.

Summary of which forms to use:

  1. Drop-Add:
    • Late Stony Brook Elective requests signed by the course director
    • Electives at VA, NUMC, WUH signed by the site designee
  2. Elective Approval forms:
    • All electives EXCEPT at SBUH, WUH, VA, NUMC
    • All foreign or off-shore electives
  3. Electronic Registration or Drop-Add :
    • All year 3 clerkship, SB electives, and year 4 mandatory course drop/adds, except when a ‘pop-up’ notice in CBase indicates another method to follow