Pediatric Surgery Division Research

Current research in the Division is focused on advancing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), in particular anticoagulation safety.

Another area of translational investigation is the liver and understanding its intrinsic capacity to repair itself and recover from inflammatory insults such as those associated with neonatal gastrointestinal complications from gastroschisis and necrotizing enterocolitis.

Additional research is currently being conducted to understand how exposure to the sedative midazolam affects neuronal circuit development in premature infants. The data obtained will allow for an evaluation of the consequences of sedation at a time when the neuronal circuit is quite immature.

This research will help determine the mechanisms underlying the changes in the brain, and how they can be avoided to protect the developing brain’s learning abilities.

For more information about our current clinical trials, please email our department research coordinator Andreea Fodor, PhD, or call her at 631-444-8333.