Date Title
8/29/19 Our Pediatric Surgery Team Saves the Life of Special Teen with Rare Illness
7/05/19 Life after an Aortic Tear: New Stent Procedure Offers New Hope
3/15/19 Thanks to Artificial Heart as Bridge to Transplant & Thanks to Stony Brook Medicine — One Patient's Happy Testimonial
11/26/18 Treating Diabetes with Metabolic Surgery with Great Success
9/28/18 Helping a Girl to Keep Dancing with a Novel Reconstructive Surgery
7/27/18 Our Pediatric Surgery Team Helps Infant Survive Congenital Disorder That Threatened His Life
5/30/17 From Spain to Stony Brook for Cancer Care — a HIPEC Story
3/10/17 Using Weight Loss Surgery to Treat Obese Adolescents
1/11/16 Rare Double-Lip Reconstructive Surgery Being Done for African Boy
11/30/15 Pediatric Surgery Division Saves Newborn with Remarkable Operation
9/22/15 Another Medical Mission in the Other America Is a Success
4/08/15 Remembering Happy Day Wounded Hero Cop Was Discharged from Hospital
4/01/15 First Bout Post-Op Is Big Win for Hard-Hitting Patient and Olympic Hopeful
10/22/14 Praise for Stony Brook Trauma Center as Police Officer Is Discharged from Hospital
9/17/14 2016 Olympic Hopeful Has Career-Saving Surgery at Stony Brook
6/03/14 10 Surgeries Result in New Face and Smile for Girl from Kenya
4/22/14 Open Heart Surgery Performed on Young Mother 27 Weeks Pregnant
2/28/14 Bride-to-Be Travels across Country for Minimally Invasive Salivary Gland Surgery
12/16/13 ALERT: Children's Toys May Be Hazardous to Their Health; Prevent Ingestion Injuries
9/17/13 Boy from Ecuador Undergoes Multi-Procedure Facial Reconstruction and Returns Home
6/12/13 First on Long Island to Implant Device to Aid Breathing, Extend Life for ALS Patients
5/30/13 Hand Team Performs Successful Reattachment of Man's Hands after Both Are Nearly Severed in Work-Related Accident
1/22/13 Vascular Screening and Surgery Save the (Wedding) Day — and the Father of the Bride
12/20/12 ALERT: Children's Toys May Be Hazardous to Their Health; Prevent Ingestion Injuries
11/15/12 Breast Cancer Survivorship Care at Stony Brook — One Woman's Experience
11/08/12 Robot-Assisted ENT–Head & Neck Surgery — Offering Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatment
10/14/12 Our Patient Arthur Plowden Shoots & Scores a New Life, Thanks to Our LVAD Program
8/16/12 Back to Being a Kid: The Triumph of a Young Girl and Her Surgeon Working Together
7/31/12 New Bariatric Surgery Inpatient Unit Is Opened — Specially Tailored for Patients
7/17/12 Losing a Hand, Then Getting It Back, Thanks to Reconstructive Hand Surgery