COVID-19 Volunteer Web Page

Hello to all who wish to volunteer and all who need volunteers,

We are at an unprecedented time in history where the entire world is struck with a pandemic and the United States is significantly affected. New York in particular is struggling to meet the demands on its health care system. We are trying to organize our needs and offers for help at Stony Brook in a systematic way. Together, we will overcome this crisis. In order to organize our volunteer efforts, we have developed two simple intake forms: 

Below are some of the categories where help is likely to be needed. 

COVID-19 Community Hotline

PPE Task Force

COVID-19 Research

Provider Childcare Task Force

Information Services

Telemedicine COVID Follow-Up

Medical Education

Telemedicine Patient Assist

Mental Health and Well Being

Workforce Health and Safety

Overflow Staffing and Support

Volunteer Coordination

Patient Population and Outreach Projects

Other (Please specify on the application form)

For a description of each category, click here.

If you wish to donate medical supplies or comfort care items, please contact Joan Dickinson, Stony Brook University Community Relations Director, at or call (631) 219-0603. We will arrange a drop off time and location to get donations into the right hands quickly and in the most efficient and safest way for all involved. 

If you wish to donate money, please visit 

If you have any questions or ideas regarding volunteering, please email

Thank you for all that you do!


Latha Chandran, MD, MPH

Chief Coordinator, COVID Volunteer Efforts