The PSQC Council and Its Impact on Internal Medicine Residents

The Department of Medicine is pleased to share a recent publication from Nirvani Goolsarran, MD, FAC, (Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Associate Vice Chair for Quality, Patient Safety, and Compliance and Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency) and colleagues regarding the Internal Medicine Residency Patient Safety Quality Council and its impact on residents.

Among her many accolades, Dr. Goolsarran is also the founder and chair of the Internal Medicine Residency Patient Safety Quality Council (PSQC). This is a peer-elected forum where residents can discuss quality/safety issues that affect patient care in the Department of Medicine.

The council has been largely successful in creating process improvements from safety issues encountered by the internal medicine residents. Additionally, the resident members engage in a scholarly approach to quality improvement that resulted in numerous publications. 

Dr. Goolsarran states, "The Stony Brook Internal Medicine PSQC council recently published an article on PSQC's impact on our residents and their continued participation in safety/quality initiatives after graduation."

"We believe that residency programs should consider the implementation of house-staff safety council, as this can not only generate scholarly activities, but can also promote future physician safety/quality leaders. The Internal Medicine Residency is proud of its future QI leaders!"

Congratulations to Dr. Goolsarran and her team on the recent paper, and this very important achievement in patient safety/quality improvement education.