Addie Luperchio

B.S. in Microbiology, University of Vermont
Advisor: Daniel Salamango


Research Interests

Addie is interested in studying infectious diseases, especially viral diseases. She in particularly interested in disease pathogenesis as well as how viruses interact with the host immune system. Her long-term goal is to apply this knowledge to the development of vaccines and antiviral therapies.


Wong, H.T., Luperchio, A.M., Riley, S., and Salamango, D.J. (2023). Inhibition of ATM-directed antiviral responses by HIV-1 Vif. PLoS Pathogens 19(9): e1011634.

Luperchio, A.M., Jonsson, S.R., and Salamango, D.J. (2022). Evolutionary conservation of PP2A antagonism and G2/M cell cycle arrest in Maedi-Visna virus Vif. Viruses 14(8): 1701.