Tete Obot

B.AS., Biology, Loyola University, MD
Advisor: Brian Sheridan
Email: tete.obot@stonybrook.edu


Research Interests

After graduating from Loyola University in Maryland, I worked at two biopharmaceutical companies focused on discovering novel immunotherapies to combat cancer. Initially, my research focused on investigating the biology of the immunosuppressive Siglec-15-expressing myeloid cells in the tumor microenvironment. Recently, I have been working on developing a screening platform to assess the ability of various immune checkpoint bispecific antibodies to reverse T cell suppression in the tumor microenvironment. More generally, my research interests revolve around cancer immunology and cancer stem cells.




Archer, K., Ceradoy, J., Coupet, T., Bosiacki, J., Song, C., Weiss, I., Niu, S., Obot, T., Xu, J., O'Neill, T., Ferrell, A., Abukharma, H., Cusumano, Z., Flies, D., Langermann, S., and Liu. L.N. (2021). Development and Functional Characterization of NC762, a Novel Therapeutic Antibody Targeting B7-H4, for the Treatment of Malignancies. P3193. Poster presented at: American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting; 2021 Apr 10; Virtual. 

Liu, L.N., Wang, J., Sun, J., Flies, D., Song, C., Zarr, M., Archer, K., McGuire, A., O'Neill, T., Maloveste, K., Nie, X., Boto, A., Copeland, R., Janardhanan, S., Obot, T., Bingham, J., Heller, K.N., Langermann, S., and Chen, L. (2018). Targeting Siglec-15 with NC318: a Novel Therapeutic Antibody to Enhance Anti-Tumor Immunity. P678. Poster presented at: Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 33rd Annual Meeting; 2018 Nov 9-10; Washington, DC.  


2023 Eckard Wimmer Graduate Student Scholarship

2023 Outstanding Poster Award; Annual Retreat, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stony Brook University.