Danielle Xie

B.S., Bryn Mawr College
Advisor: Dr. Charles Vorkas
Email: Danielle.Xie@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Research Interests

As a student in Stony Brook’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), Danielle is interested in mechanisms to modulate immune cell functions for therapeutic design, particularly in the contexts of infectious diseases, cancer immunotherapeutics, maternal fetal immunology, or autoimmune syndromes. During her undergraduate training at Bryn Mawr College, she spent two summers at Children’s Hospital of Colorado modeling tissue-specific insulin resistance in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). After graduation, she spent two years working in the Vaccine Research Center at the NIH, where she studied B cell activity in chronic HIV infection, as well as characterized immunogens that can aid in vaccine development. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in the lab of Dr. Charles Vorkas. Her PhD research focuses on harnessing innate lymphocyte populations to act within the tumor microenvironment and identifying unique ligands for these populations that can be further developed for therapeutic use. 




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