Craig Podszus

M.S., Hofstra University
Advisor: Brian Sheridan


Research Interests

Craig's current research interests include how the immune system functions in the context of lung disease. His research experience includes biogenesis of the Gram-negative envelope and novel cancer diagnostic methods.




Shanmugam, M., Elliott, R., Khwaja, S., Mayilvahanan, K,. Habib, M., Pham, L., Johnathan Lee, A., Akhtar, M., Podszus, C., Fernandes, T., Liao, S., Lach, F., Rashed, Y., Hughes, A., Christ, L., Tobia, SC ,Qaiser, S., Leger, M., Goldberg, D., Schutzbank, T., Bon Homme, M. (2022). Prevalence of polymicrobial urinary tract Infections: molecular diagnostic approach. Journal of Molecular Diagnosis 24:S51 Abstract ID003.