Nick Saladino

B.S., Gettysburg College, 2020
Advisor: Daniel Salamango


Research Interests

I am very interested in infectious diseases, with a desire to investigate viral pathogenesis.  In addition, I am interested in host-pathogen interactions and understanding the complex interactions that occur upon infection.


Conde, J.N., Sanchez-Vicente, S., Saladino, N., Gorbunova, E.E., Schutt, W.R., Mladinich, M.C., Himmler, G.E., Benach, J., Kim, H.K., and Mackow, E.R. (2022). Powassan viruses spread cell to cell during direct isolation from Ixodes ticks and persistently infect human brain endothelial cells and pericytes. Journal of Virology 96(1): e02168221.