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   B.S., 2016, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Stockton University
   Advisor: Adrianus van der Velden

Research Interests

Study the molecular mechanisms involved in host-pathogen interactions, and pathogenesis in immune-deficient hosts. I am also interested in the mechanisms that have evolved to evade host immune responses, which may not only be relevant to the eradication of infection, but may shed light on the development of other diseases such as cancer.


Bettke, J.A., Tam, J.W., Montoya, V., Butler, B.P., and van der Velden, A.W.M. (2022). Inflammatory monocytes promote granuloma-mediated control of persistent Salmonella infection. Infection and Immunity 90(4): e0007022.

Stawowczyk, M., Naseem, S., Montoya, V., Baker, D.P., Konopka, J., and Reich, N.C. (2018). Pathogenic effects of IFIT2 and Interferon-b during fatal systemic Candida albicans infection. mBio 9: e00365-18.

Presentations Montoya, V., Luke, J.D., Torres, A., McLaughlin, P.A., Kullas, A.L., Terala, H., Qiu, Z., Sheridan, B.S., and van der Velden, A.W.M. (2019). Role of Asparagine Metabolism in T Cell Activation and Function. 2019 Symposium on Harnessing Immunity to Combat Infection and Disease, April 29, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY.

Honors and Awards

W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship, Stony Brook University, 2016-2021