Every the resident has designated continuity clinics scheduled for their patients during their rotations, including the off-service rotations.  Although the number of clinic sessions depends upon the service to which the resident is assigned, there is a  minimum of one continuity clinic session scheduled per week; more when the resident’s rotation permits the extra clinic time.  The night team is exempt from clinic obligations to keep in compliance with resident duty hours.

During clinic sessions, residents take care of their own continuity patients under the close supervision of an assigned faculty member.  Our clinic program has been designated a Primary Care OBGYN Residency by New York State because of its overwhelming success.

We also provide specialty continuity clinics designated for the resident patient referral, including:  high risk OB, gynecologic oncology, colposcopy, urogynecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility clinics.  These clinics are scheduled once per week and are staffed by the residents from corresponding rotation and a supervising physician from the relevant division.


The Resident Clinic is located at 6 Technology Drive in East Setauket, NY 11733 (631) 444-4686. 
This is approximately 4 miles from the Stonybrook University Medical Center and about a 5-10 commute by car.