OBGYN Simulation

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been actively using simulation for the training of residents since 2004. We currently have an obstetrical simulator/robot (Noelle) that allows us to teach normal and abnormal labor, critique deliveries, practice shoulder dystocia, practice vacuum and forcep deliveries and practice postpartum hemorrhage drills. This educational technique has been highly successful and has evolved into a multidisciplinary practice involving obstetric anesthesia, nursing staff and laboratory services.  From it, a well-organized team approach to Obstetrical Hemorrhage known as "Code Noelle" was developed, which is called throughout the hospital when there is a true Obstetrical hemorrhage. We also have a laparoscopic simulator for the residents to practice more advanced laparoscopic techniques as well as participate in animate (pig) labs to perfect surgical technique. We will continue to expand our simulation lab as more technology becomes available.

Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University also has a Clinical Skills Center for simulation of patient encounters and procedures, such as phlebotomy, airway management, and Crisis Resource Management.

The School of Medicine created a Surgery Skills Lab in the Health Science Center, in which residents can practice suturing and surgical knot tying, laparoscopic skills, and advanced laparoscopic skills.  The simulation center contains a VR Sim computerized laparoscopic simulator that gives a realistic virtual image of a procedure, and scores the resident on his/her progress.