Lab Activities

Our lab provides a highly structured research experience to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Rigas has an open door policy to review results and try to solve research problems as they may arise. In addition to these “as needed” meetings lab members participate in the following activities.

Biweekly Research Meeting

The entire lab meets every Monday and Thursday at 8:30 am to discuss research progress and set direction.

Journal Club

The lab has a Journal Club in which members of the lab review periodically recent relevant papers.

Monthly Division Seminar

Our lab rotates with the other lab groups within the Division to present a seminar on a current research project on the first Monday of every month.

Weekly noon lectures in the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology

Depending on their availability and interest in the topic, members of the lab attend the weekly, high-quality research lectures organized by the Departments of Pharmacology (Mondays) and Medicine (Tuesdays).

Reports on National Meetings

Lab members who attend national or international meetings report to the group during a dedicated one-hour session important recent advances presented at that meeting.

Bi-Annual Scientific Retreat

Twice a year, all lab members participate in a scientific retreat. The purpose of this one-day retreat is to review progress during the previous six months and discuss plans in an open and relaxed atmosphere.


We organize symposia on prevention-related topics with invited speakers from all over the world.

Guest Lecturers

Periodically, outside speakers lecture on a topics of interest to the lab.