Who's Who in Our School

Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Knapp Dean: Peter Igarashi, MD
(631) 638-2141
Academic Affairs Vice Dean: William Wertheim, MD, MBA
Interim Executive Vice President, Stony Brook Medicine
(631) 444-2783
Graduate Medical Education Vice Dean: William Wertheim, MD, MBA
(631) 444-2084
Undergraduate Medical Education Vice Dean: Andrew Wackett, MD
(631) 638-1258
Admissions Associate Dean: Jack Fuhrer, MD 
(631) 444-2113 
Assistant Dean: Grace Agnetti, MS, Ed.
(631) 444-2113
Curriculum Assistant Dean: Howard B. Fleit, PhD
(631) 444-8111
Clinical Education Assistant Dean: Lisa Strano-Paul, MD
(631) 444-8111
Global Medical Education Founding Director: Mark Sedler, MD, MPH
(631) 444-2346
Student Inclusion & Belonging Associate Dean: Jedan Phillips, MD
(631) 444-1030
Student Affairs Associate Dean: David Cohen, MD
(631) 444-2341
Assistant Dean: Mary Jean Allen, MS
(631) 444-2341
Student Diversity Assistant Dean: Jennie Williams, PhD
(631) 444-3936
Cancer Medicine Vice Dean: Yusuf A. Hannun, MD
(631) 444-8067
Clinical Affairs Vice Dean: Todd Griffin, MD, MBA
(631) 444-2783
Clinical Integration Associate Dean: Paul V. Aitken, MD, MPH
(631) 444-3902
Clinical Trials Associate Dean: Sharon Nachman, MD
(631) 444-2728
Community Health Policy Assistant Dean: Cordia Beverley, MD
(631) 444-3936
Continuing Medical Education Associate Dean: Dorothy Lane, MD, MPH
(631) 444-2094
Faculty Affairs and Development Vice Dean: Styliani-Anna (Stella) E. Tsirka, PhD
(631) 444-3859
Finance and Personnel Vice Dean: John Riley
(631) 444-7504
Faculty Personnel Assistant Dean: Karen Wilk
(631) 444-9061
Research Vice Dean: Susan Hedayati, MD, MHSc
Scientific Operations Associate Dean: Glen Itzkowitz
(631) 444-1217
VA Affairs Associate Dean: Hussein D. Foda, MD



Undergraduate Medical Education: (631) 444-1030
Graduate Medical Education: (631) 216-9094
Admissions: (631) 444-2113