Wei Zhao, Phd

Wei Zhao, Ph.D.
Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering 


Ph.D. Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, 1997
M.Sc. Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, 1993
B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering, Tsinghua University 1989


1985-1989, Honor Student, Tsinghua University 
1990-1991, University of Toronto Open Fellowship
1991-1993, Sunnybrook Health Science Center Trust for Medical Research Graduate Studentship
1993-1997, Steve Fonyo Studentship, National Cancer Institute of Canada
1994, First Prize, Young Investigators Symposium, COMP Annual Meeting 
1995, Certificate of Merit, Scientific Exhibit, RSNA Annual Meeting
1996, Sylvia Fedoruk Prize for "Best Scientific Paper in the Field of Medical Physics in Canada"
2000, Runner-up, Sylvia Fedoruk Prize
2002-2004, Whitaker Investigator, the Whitaker Foundation
2004, Promising Inventor Award, the Research Foundation of the State University of New York
2013, Poster Award, SPIE Medical Imaging Conference
2016, Poster Award, SPIE Medical Imaging Conference
2019, Moses and Sylvia Sorkin Greenfield Award for best imaging physics paper published in Medical Physics during CY 2018 
2023, Fellow, SPIE
2023, Fellow, National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

Awards and Recognitions: 

Dr. Wei Zhao is Vice Chair of Research, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook Renaissance School of Medicine. 

Professor Wei Zhao has received multiple grants including NIH/NIBIB Back-Irradiated Flat-Panel Imager with Avalanche Gain.  The goal of this grant is to develop a back-irradiated flat-panel imager using avalanche amorphous selenium.  Dr. Zhao has also received grants from Siemens Medical Solutions titled "Spot Compression View."  The goal of this grant is to investigate whether spot compression view is needed for wide-angle tomosynthesis.


Dr. Wei Zhao's research work in the past has focused on the investigation of amorphous selenium flat-panel detectors for radiography and fluoroscopy. She also worked on the development of cesium iodide based flat-panel detectors for medical imaging. Her current research interest focus on the investigation of imaging performance and design optimization for amorphous selenium flat-panel detectors for digital mammography and digital tomosynthesis. Her research work also involves developing advanced detector concepts for improved imaging performance at low-dose and high-frame rates.

Journal Papers:
Some of Dr. Zhao’s journal paper publications include: 

  • Corey Orlik, Adrian Howansky, Jann Stavro, Scott Dow, Safa Kasap, Kenkichi Tanioka, Amir H. Goldan and Wei Zhao, “Improved Temporal Performance and Optical Quantum Efficiency of Avalanche Amorphous Selenium for Low Dose Medical Imaging”, Journal of Medical Imaging 11 (2024)
  • S. Dow, A. Howansky, A. Lubinsky and W. Zhao, "Evaluation of a hybrid direct–indirect active matrix flat-panel imager using Monte Carlo simulation," Journal of Medical Imaging 7, 033501 (2020).

Conference Papers:
Some of Dr. Zhao’s Conference paper publications include: 

  • Corey O, Adrian FH, Sébastien L, Mishchenko A, Kasap S, Stavro J, Goldan A, Scheuermann J, Zhao W. Improved optical quantum efficiency and temporal performance of a flat-panel imager with avalanche gain. Proc SPIE 11595 (2021).
  • Hailiang Huang, Xiaoyu Duan, and Wei Zhao, "Assessment of reproducibility of volumetric breast density measurement using dual energy digital breast tomosynthesis", Proc. SPIE 11595 (2021).
  • Xiaoyu Duan, Hailiang Huang, and Wei Zhao, "Strategies of improving lesion detection in wide-angle digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) with angular dose distribution and detector design", Proc. SPIE 11595 (2021).
  • Dow S, Howansky A, Lubinsky A, Zhao W. Spatial-frequency-dependent pulse height spectroscopy of x-ray scintillators using single x-ray imaging. Proc SPIE 11595 (2021).
  • H. Huang, X. Duan, P. Sahu and W. Zhao, "Effect of scatter correction on image noise in contrast-enhanced digital breast tomosynthesis," Proc SPIE 11513 (2020).
  • X. Duan, P. Sahu, H. Huang and W. Zhao, "Scatter correction with deep learning approach for contrast enhanced digital breast tomosynthesis (CEDBT) in both cranio-caudal (CC) view and Medio lateral oblique (MLO) view," Proc SPIE 11513 (2020).
  • Howansky, A. Mishchenko, S. Léveillé, S. Dow, J. Stavro, A. Goldan, J. Scheuermann, A. Lubinsky and W. Zhao, "Initial characterization of a hybrid direct-indirect active matrix flat panel imager for digital radiography," Proc SPIE 11312 (2020).
  • X. Duan, H. Huang, C. L. Ong and W. Zhao, "Factors affecting micro calcification detection of wide-angle digital breast tomosynthesis and strategies for improving performance," Proc SPIE 11312 (2020).
  • H. Huang, X. Duan and W. Zhao, "Volumetric breast density estimation using dual energy digital breast tomosynthesis," Proc SPIE 11312 (2020).

A full list of articles published by Dr. Zhao is available here on PubMed.

You may access Dr. Zhao's Digital Radiologic Imaging Lab here

Contact Information:

Stony Brook Medicine
Department of Radiology 
HSC Level 4, Room 120
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8460
Phone: 631-444-7639
Fax: 631-444-7538
Email: Wei.Zhao@stonybrookmedicine.edu