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jerome liang

Jerome Liang’s Lab has two featured presentations at this coming 2020 RSNA Annual Virtual Meeting:

[1]. “A Sensitive Merit to Differentiate COVID-19 Cases from Others in CT Images”

[2] “Convenient Hyper Parameter Selection for Bayesian Image Reconstruction by Constructing a Theory-driven Look-up Table”

As the Chair of Physics Committee of RSNA, Jerome promoted AI (artificial intelligence) for both medical image reconstruction and processing toward desired clinical tasks, particularly the task of medical diagnosis:

He will serve as the moderator on a “Hot Topic Session: Artificial Intelligence — Decision Support: The Coronavirus Experience in USA and China”, Sunday, November 29, 2020, 5:00 – 6:00PM” 

Chuan Huang, PhD, in collaboration with Neurology, received the Stanley Fahn Junior Faculty Award by the Parkinson's Foundation for "Imaging Cholinergic Biomarker of Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's Disease Dementia"
This study will be the first to use the novel PET tracer [18F]VAT to study PD patients with mild cognition impairment. Given that VAChT is a reliable biomarker for cholinergic neurons, it can be used to image the cholinergic deficits observed in PD and PD dementia patients. This will provide us with better understanding of the cholinergic pathophysiology in PD and PD dementia. The results from this study may reveal novel targets for intervention in the progression of PD-related cognitive impairment.

jerome liang
Jerome Liang, PhD 

• Editor of a Special Issue for the Journal of Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine and Art on the topic of “Medical Imaging Modeling” 

• Gave a Keynote Speech at the IEEE International Conference on Signal, Information and Data Processing. His speech was titled “DEEP TEXTURE ANALYSIS: An Answer to Why CNN Goes with Experts’ Scores, not the Pathological Reports”

• He is now the Physics Subcommittee Chair of the Scientific Program of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)