Faculty (Research Division)

Research faculty by names

Jacob Houghton, PhD
Zhao (John) Jiang, MD, PhD
Haifang Li, PhD
Jerome Liang, PhD Director of AI Innovations and Implementation
Nashaat Turkman, PhD
Paul Vaska, PhD
Wei Zhao, PhD Vice Chair, Research  

Medical physicists

Terry Button, PhD
Adrian Howansky, PhD
Andrew Labella, PhD

Cross appointed research faculty
Turhan Canli, PhD (Psychology)
Amir Goldan, PhD (Cornell)
Chuan Huang, PhD (Emory)
Arie Kaufman, PhD (Computer Science)
Nicos Labropoulos, PhD (Surgery)
Yu Yulee Li, PhD (Cardiac IR, St Francis)
Klaus Mueller, PhD (Computer Science)
Joel Saltz, MD, PhD (BMI)
Peter Smith Jones, PhD (Psychiatry)
Allen Tannenbaum, PhD (Computer Science)
Peter Tonge, PhD (Chemistry)

Clinical faculty actively engaged in research

Lev Bangiyev, MD (Neuro)
Eric Feldmann, MD (Cardiac)
John Ferretti, MD (IR)
Paul Fisher, MD (Breast)
Dinko Franceschi, MD (Nuclear)
Elaine S Gould, MD (MSK)
Robert G. Peyster, MD (Neuro)
Michael Reiter, MD (Thoracic/Cardiac)
Marlene Zawin, MD (Body) 

Voluntary Faculty - Medical Physicists

Michael Bonvento, PhD
Nand Relan, PhD