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Faculty (Research Division)

Research faculty by names

Tim Duong, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Director of MR Research, Director of Preclinical MRI Center 
Anat Biegon, PhD Professor 
Avraham Dilmanian, PhD, Professor
Amir Goldan, PhD, Assistant Professor
Xiang He, PhD Assistant Professor
Chuan Huang, PhD, Assistant Professor
Avi Leftin, PhD, Assistant Professor
Haifang Li, PhD, Assistant Professor
Jerome Liang, PhD, Professor
Eric Muir, PhD, Assistant Professor
Nashaat Turkman, PhD, Assistant Professor
Paul Vaska, PhD, Professor
Wei Zhao, PhD, Professor
Zhao (John) Jiang, MD, PhD, Research Instructor

Medical physicists

Michael J. BonventoPhD, Medical Physicist
Terry Button, PhD, Associate Professor, Director Medical Physics Graduate and Residency Programs
Nand Relan, PhD, DABRMedical Physicist
James Scheuermann, PhD, Medical Physicist

Cross appointed research faculty
Eszter Boros, PhD (Chemistry)
Turhan Canli, PhD (Psychology)
Arie Kaufman, PhD (Computer Science)
Nicos Labropoulos, PhD (Surgery)
Yu Yulee Li, PhD (Cardiac IR, St Francis)
Klaus Meuller, PhD (Computer Science)
Joel Saltz, MD, PhD (BMI)
Peter Smith Jones, PhD (Psychiatry)
Allen Tannenbaum, PhD (Computer Science)
Peter Tonge, PhD, Professor (Chemistry)

Clinical faculty actively engaged in research

Lev Bangjeyev, MD (Neuro)
Matthew Barish, MD (Body)
Eric Feldmann, MD (Cardiac)
Paul Fisher, MD (Breast)
Dinko Franceschi, MD (Nuclear)
Ana Franceschi, MD (Neuro)
Elaine S Gould, MD (MSK)
Roxane Palermo, MD (Breast)
Robert G. Peyster, MD (Neuro)
Mark E. Schweitzer, MD (MSK)
Mingqian Huang, MD (MSK)
Marlene Zawin, MD (Body) 

Research faculty by methodologies
MRI: Xiang He, Chuan Huang, Haifang Li, Tim DuongAnat Biegon, Yulee Li, Avi Leftin
PET: Paul Vaska, Peter TongePeter Smith-Jones, Chuan HuangAnat Biegon
X-ray: Wei Zhao, Avraham Dilmanian, Eugene Gindi
SPECT/CT/Nucl: Paul VaskaDinko Franceschi
Imaging analysis: Eugene GindiTim DuongXiang HeChuan Huang
Radiochemistry: Peter Smith-Jones, Nashaat Turkamn, Peter Tonge, Erster Boros
Medical physics: Terry Button, Michael Bonvento, Nand Relan 
Invitro Quantative Imaging: Anat Biegon

Research faculty by disease disciplines
Cancer (breast, prostate, brain, colon, ovarian, lung): Wei Zhao, Jerome Liang, Chuan Huang, Tim DuongMatthew Barish, Paul R. FisherNashaat TurkmanAnat Biegon, Chunling Liu, Erster Boros, Matthew BarishDinko Franceschi
Psychiatric disorders:  Chuan HuangXiang He, Ana Franceschi
Neurological disorders: Xiang HeChuan Huang, Haifang Li, Tim DuongLev BangiyevZengmin YanAnat BiegonRobert G. Peyster,
Cardiac MRI: Eric J. FeldmanAmit Gupta,  Yulee Li
Body/MSK MRI:  Mark Schweitzer,  Elaine S Gould