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Join Our Research Team

Job Opportunities

  • tenure-tracked faculty positions
  • non-tenured track faculty positions
  • postdoc positions 
  • graduate research assistant positions

Positions in areas of neuroimaging, cancer imaging, amongst others.

Graduate Student Research

Affiliated Graduate Programs Include:

MD/PhD program: https://medicine.stonybrookmedicine.edu/mstp
Neuroscience PhD program: https://renaissance.stonybrookmedicine.edu/neurobiology/gradprogram
BMI PhD program: https://bmi.stonybrookmedicine.edu/education/prospective_students
BME PhD program: https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/bme/graduate/ 
Medical physics graduate program: https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/bme/graduate/medicalphys 
Medical physics residency program: https://cancer.stonybrookmedicine.edu/diagnosis-treatment/radiation-oncology/student

Resident Research

Stony Brook Radiology residents are required to carry out hypothesis-drive research, participate in monthly Resident Research Meetings and get involved in research in parrallel with and throughout their clinical training. We have a research infrastructure to facilitate research activity, including research staff, IRB help, and reserach-dedicated time. Funds are provided to Residents to perform research, attend conferences with accepted abstracts. Radiology residents are strongly encouraged to discuss with PhD faculty to explore research projects as soon as they get here (during internship). Recent Annual Radiology Department Graduation Resident Research presentations can be found here (2017ResidentResearch.pdf).  

Undergraduate, High School, MD, and Visiting Scholar Research Programs

We also offer research experience for talented and higly motivated undergraduate, medical students, visiting scholars, and high school students. As our goals are to get you to publish a peer-reviewed journal paper(s) and to help your undergrad school, graduate school and residency application, we expect time commitment during your summer and school year to do research.  Check out summer stipends and other scholarship opportunities, pls apply below. 


To see a list project presentations by high school, undergraduate, and medical students in the department the past summer: 2018summerreseaerch


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