Department of Radiology Faculty

Alphabetically by Last name

Faculty by Specialty

Abdominal Imaging 

Almas F. Abbasi, MD Division Co-Chief 
Seth O. Mankes, MD
Annapurneswara Rao Chimpiri, MBBS, FRCR
Robin Lynne Cunningham, MD
Shahid Hussain, MD  Vice Chair of Education 
Mary Saltz, MD
Marlene Zawin, MD 
Mahsa Hoshmand-Kochi, MD 
Pablo Ros, MD Vice Chair for Academic Affairs

Cardiovascular Imaging

Lachlan Smith, MD Division Chief
Eric J. Feldmann, MD

Michael Reiter, DO     
Samantha Glass, MD 
Jennifer Martino, MD 

Breast Imaging

Krystal Airola, MD Division Chief  
Paul R. Fisher, MD
Jennifer Ripton-Snyder, MD  
Melinda Staiger, MD  

Eastern Long Island Hospital Campus
James D. Badia, MD
Anthony Mitarotondo, MD
Patricia E. Roche, MD
Christopher Vanya Saradoff, MD


Emergency Imaging

Russell David Areman, DO
James D. Badia, MD

Eric J. Feldmann, MD
Christopher Vanya Saradoff, MD 
Russ F. Saypoff, MD

Imaging Research

Anat Biegon, PhD
Avraham Dilmanian, PhD
Amir Goldan, PhD
Jacob Houghton, PhD
Chuan Huang, PhD
Zhao (John) Jiang, MD, PhD
Haifang Li, PhD
Jerome Liang, PhD Co-Director of Research 
Labros Meimetis, PhD
Eric Muir, PhD  
Nashaat Turkman, PhD
Paul Vaska, PhD
Wei Zhao, PhD  Co-Director of Research 

Medical physicist faculty
Terry Button, PhD
Michael J. Bonvento, PhD
Nand Relan, PhD, DABR

Cross appointed research faculty
Eszter Boros, PhD (Chemistry)
Turhan Canli, PhD (Psychology)
Arie Kaufman, PhD (Computer Sci)
Yu Yulee Li, PhD (Cardiology, St Francis)

Klaus Mueller, PhD (Computer Sci)
Joel Saltz, MD, PhD (BMI)

Allen Tannenbaum, PhD (Computer Sci)

Interventional Radiology

John A. Ferretti, MD, FACR, Division Chief, Vice Chair of Radiology 
Valmore Suprenant, MD
Amit Gupta, MD

Lok Yun Sung, MD 
Kevin Klayman, DO

Charles Lugo, MD
Kenneth Ramirez, RPA
Louren Gonzales, NP

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Elaine S Gould, MD, FACR, Division Chief / Chair 
Kevin Baker, MD Residency Program Director

Daichi Hayashi, MD MSK Fellowship Program Director 
Kathleen Finzel, MD 
Musa Mufti, MD 

Neurological Imaging

Robert G. Peyster, MD, Division Co-Chief
Lev Bangiyev, DO Division Co-Chief, Vice Chair of Operations and Informatics 

Giuseppe Cruciata, MD Co-Director Neuroradiology Fellowship
Steven F. West, DO
Patricia Roche, DO
Anton Oscar Beitia, MD

 Avraham Bluestone, MD, PHD  Neuroradiology Fellowship Director 

Nuclear Medicine

Dinko Franceschi, MD, Division Chief
Robert Matthews, MD Per-Diem

Pediatric Imaging

Johanna Monsalve Villamizar, MD, Division Chief
Dvorah Balsam, MD, 

Southampton Hospital Campus

James D. Badia, MD
Patricia E. Roche, MD
Christopher Vanya Saradoff, MD
Thoracic Imaging

Marlene Zawin, MD, Division Chief
Almas F. Abbasi, MD
Michael Reiter, DO 
Samantha Glass, MD  
Mahsa Hoshmand-Kochi, MD  
Jennifer Martino, MD 

Emeritus Faculty
Morton A. Meyers, MD
Donald P. Harrington, MD
Affiliated Clinical Faculty

Mary Saltz, MD
David Fiorella, MD