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Research Day

Read about the 10th Annual Research Day that took place in May 2019.

The Department of Surgery's annual Research Day, established in 2010, is an opportunity for our residents to present their surgical research. The focus of the program, which takes place from 8:00 am to noon, is moving the science of surgery forward.

Resident (left) talking with judges during the poster competition at Research Day program
Resident (left) talking with judges during the poster competition at Research Day program.

The Research Day program showcases ongoing and completed research projects by way of oral platform presentations, as well as a poster competition by our residents, medical students, and faculty.

At the 2014 Research Day, there were nearly 50 posters in the exhibit hall (see list), plus five oral presentations moderated by faculty discussants.

The Research Day program also includes a keynote speaker who discusses his or her research. The program offers continuing medical education (CME) credit, and this activity is designated for a maximum of 3.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

Here is the agenda of the 2014 Research Day program:

2014 Research Day Posters

Here are the titles and authors of the posters exhibited at the 2014 Research Day, which demonstrate the range of research activity within the Department, and the remarkable productivity of our residents:

Amyand’s hernia after nonoperative treatment of perforated appendicitis | Kim P, Adamo A, DeMuro J.

Assessment of voice quality and extra-esophageal reflux pre- & post-bariatric surgery | O'Brien S, Telem DA, Pryor AD, Altieri MS, Regenbogen E.

Bilateral juvenile gigantomastia in a 13-year-old girl: a brief report | Peredo AL, Virvilis D, Lee TK, Khan SU.

Can intraoperative indocyanine green angiography predict fat necrosis in free flap breast reconstruction? | Levites H, Trasolini NA, Fourman MS, Gersch RP, Phillips BT, Khan SU, Gelfand MA, DT Bui. Winner of poster competition.

Characterization of acute venous congestion in a rat model using ICG angiography | Nasser AE, Fourman MS, Gersch RP, Hsi H, Phillips BT, Dagum AB, Khan SU, Gelfand MA, Bui DT.

Chondrosarcoma of the chest wall | Chiu J, DeMuro J.

Coil embolization of an aortic pseudo-aneurysm post open repair of type A aortic dissection | Jain V, Gruberg L, Bilfinger TV, Tassiopoulos AK, Loh SA.

Creation of gastric conduit free-graft with intraoperative perfusion imaging during pancreaticoduodenectomy in a patient post esophagectomy | Virvilis D, Pagkratis S, Phillips BT, Bao PQ, Khan SU, Ganz JC, Watkins KT.

CT scan is helpful for internal hernia detection following weight loss surgery | Altieri MS, Telem DA, Hall K, Zawin M, Dubrovski G, Brathwaite CE, Pryor AD.

Dearterialization vs hemorrhoidectomy: a 3-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial | Tam J, Denoya PI, Bergamaschi R.

Early unplanned hospital readmission following acute traumatic injury | Copertino LM, Jawa RS, McCormack JE, Rutigliano D, Huang EC, Shapiro MJ, Vosswinkel JA.

Effect of aprepitant (Emend) in postoperative nausea and vomiting in morbidly obese patients undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: cost and effectiveness | Rubano JA, Orioles C, Gohil KN, Gracia GJ, Telem DA, Pryor AD.

Emerging technologies and procedures: results of an online survey and real time poll | Verma R, Eid G, Ali M, Saber A, Pryor AD.

Examining coronary artery bypass grafting outcomes of multi-institutional cardiac surgeons: should the regionalization of CABG services be revisited? | Bilfinger TV, Shroyer AL, Taylor JR Jr, Gioia W, Bishawi M.

First in man experience with the ReVive PV peripheral thrombectomy device for the revascularization of below-the-knee embolic occlusions | Margolis J, Landau DS, Moomey C, Fiorella D.

Frequency and time of reintervention following Heller myotomy | Chantachote C, Telem DA.

Impact of rectal mobilization, fixation to sacrum and access on recurrence rates following rectopexy for full-thickness rectal prolapse: a pooled analysis of 532 patients | Bishawi M, Foppa C, Bergamaschi R, for the Rectal Prolapse Recurrence Study Group.

Institutional experience with the ReVive PV peripheral thrombectomy device for the revascularization of below-the knee embolic occlusions | Monastiriotis S, Loh SA, Tassiopoulos AK.

Intravascular leiomyomatosis: a systematic review of the literature | Terrana LM, Labropoulos N, Gasparis AP, Tassiopoulos AK, Loh SA.

Long-term mortality rates normalize to the general population following bariatric surgery in New York State | Altieri MS, Pryor AD, Yang J, Zhang Q, Shroyer AL, Telem DA.

Management of intraluminal thrombus in the non-diseased aorta | Jain V, Koullias G, Tassiopoulos AK, Zawin M.

Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation as an adjunct to bariatric surgery in the obese patient | Lacayo-Baez MJ, Altieri MS, Gohil KN, Telem DA, Pryor AD.

Optimal pain control after open pancreaticoduodenectomy | Pagkratis S, Moller D, Watkins KT, Mazirka P, Bao PQ.

Pancreatic duct-to-β-cell transdifferentiation represents the most likely source of new beta cells during post-natal growth and regeneration | El-Gohary Y, Tulachan S, Guo P, Xiao X, Wiersch J, Gaffar I, Prasadan K, Shiota C, Gittes G.

Pathologic predictors of complete response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer | Ahn S, Piotrowski J, O’Hea BJ.

Perioperative VTE rates in normal weight versus morbidly obese surgical patients | Wang L, Pryor AD, Romeiser JL, Altieri MS, Talamini MA, Telem DA. Semi-finalist in poster competition.

Postoperative infections in tissue expander based breast reconstruction | Klein G, Nasser AE, Landford W, Bui DT, Dagum AB, Ganz JC, Gelfand MA, Huston TL, Khan SU.

Quantitative analysis of nipple areola complex tattoo fade patterns: a prospective study | Levites HA, Lyubchik A, Trasolini NA, Fromm IM, Fourman MS, Phillips BT, Khan SU, Dagum AB, Bui DT.

Repair, replacement or Ross procedure: developing and algorithm for valve selection for adults with aortic stenosis and/or regurgitation | Koudoumas D, Iliopoulos D, Yacoub M, Khalpey Z.

Review of tertiary center outcome: laparoscopic vs open pancreatectomy | Em M, Bao PQ.

Robot-assisted sialolithotomy with sialoendoscopy: a novel approach to management of large submandibular gland stones | Razavi C, Pascheles C, Samara GJ, Marzouk MF. Semi-finalist in poster competition.

Role of ALT flaps in foot reconstruction | Gulamhusein T, Gelfand MA, Bui DT.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) in a severely type 2 diabetic rodent model | Lau R, Brathwaite CE, Rideout D, Hall K, Radin M, Ragolia L.

Secondary appendicitis in the setting of colonic inflammation | Hartendorp P, DeMuro J.

Single shot thoracic epidural: an aid to earlier discharge for pediatric laparoscopic cholecystectomy | Hsieh L, Tan JM, Gruffi C, Grewal S, Scriven RJ, Seidman PA, Lee TK.

siRNA delivery by mesenchymal stem cells as a therapy for colorectal cancer | Gersch RP, Gordon C, You K, Want HZ, Brink P, Bergamaschi R.

Sizes of abdominal aortic aneurysms being repaired: a review of the surgical literature | Kelly B, Svestka M, Labropoulos N, Tassiopoulos AK.

Sternal wound reconstruction with pectoral, omental, and falciform flaps for poststernotomy mediastinitis: a case report | Kaymakcalan O, Levites H, Phillips BT, Dagum AB.

The effect of sleeve gastrectomy on extraesophageal reflux disease | Frenkel C, Telem DA, Pryor AD, Talamini MA, Altieri MS, Shroyer KR, Korman M, Regenbogen E.

The extent of extracapsular extension may influence the need for axillary lymph node dissection in patients with T1-T2 breast cancer | Gooch J, King TA, Eaton A, Dengel L, Stempel M, Corben AD, Morrow M.

The role of duplex ultrasound in the pelvic congestion syndrome workup | Spentzouris G, Malgor RD, Adrahtas D, Gasparis AP, Tassiopoulos AK, Labropoulos N. Semi-finalist in poster competition.

The use of CT scan in diagnosing appendicitis in the pediatric population | El-Gohary Y, Shapiro MJ.

Total situs inversus with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC): a case report and review of literature | Zhao K.

Viral preconditioning of rat ischemic skin flaps is similar to physiologic delay | Gersch RP, Fourman MS, Phillips BT, Nasser AE, Kaminsky SM, Crystal RG, McClaine SA, Khan SU, Dagum AB, Bui DT.

What makes bariatric surgery a success? The use of fMRI to determine the role of reward pathways in post-bariatric surgery patients | Sullivan B, Telem DA, Pryor AD.