General Surgery Residency Rotations

Our residents do rotations in the surgery departments of all four teaching hospitals in our residency program. These rotations take place on the surgical services run by the various divisions in the Department of Surgery. The information here provides an overview of each of the rotations done at various sites. Below is a representative sample of rotation schedules of categorical residents (note: individual resident rotation schedules vary).

Service Rotation PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3 PGY-4 PGY-5
Trauma X X   X  
General X X X   X
Colorectal X   X X  
MIS/Bariatric X   X    
Pediatric X     X  
Surgical Oncology X   X   X
Breast   X      
Cardiac     X    
Thoracic   X      
Vascular X X   X  
Plastics X        
Transplant       X  
SICU   X      
Good Samaritan       X X
LICH     X    
Southampton X In future In future In future In future
Night float X X X X X