General Surgery and Consult Rotation

An extremely active general surgery exposure is assured to residents on the “white” surgery and consult service, from the simple to the most complex of disease states, with a majority of them requiring one and, on occasion, multiple surgical interventions. These rotations offer residents exposure to the fundamentals of surgical practice, encompassing both basic and advanced educational opportunities in open as well as laparoscopic surgery.

The white service provides PGY-1 residents a foundation in clinical practice with extensive exposure to management of pre- and post-operative patients through participation in basic operative cases. For PGY-5 residents, rotating through the White service provides the chance to run a busy general surgery service, to develop skills in the operating room with the goal of progressive independence, and to take a leadership role in the educational training of more junior residents and medical students.

In addition, PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents function as part of the General (White) Surgery service and the BariatricSurgical Team through their engagement in Consult responsibilities.

The purpose of the General Surgery Consult service is to provide residents with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of acute general and bariatric surgical conditions. All residents rotating through the White and Consult services participate in the office setting, interacting with patients in the course of pre- and post-operative care and evaluation, and in the course of perioperative care delivered in the hospital and in the operating room.

Additionally, residents are responsible for evaluating and treating the multitude of emergent consultations referred to the service on a daily basis. The patients presenting on this service are often severely ill and possess multiple medical problems, thus facilitating for residents a rich experience in the evaluation and pre-surgical, operative, and post-surgical management of this clinically diverse and challenging patient population.