We have a Neuroradiology Fellowship position available for July 1, 2022 appointment (out-of-match position).

Minimum Requirements

In addition to the Minimum Requirements for all training programs at SUNY-Stony Brook University Medical Center, applicants applying for the Neuroradiology Fellowship must have completed an accredited radiology residency program and must be certified or qualified for certification by the American Board of Radiology by the beginning of the fellowship.

How to Apply

For appointment year 2022-23, we will consider applications outside the Match. Please submit your application at your earliest opportunity so that we can review it in time for July 2022 appointment. Applications can be emailed directly to the program as shown below.  Interviews will be conducted via Zoom.

Common Application Form


Completed Application includes:

  1. Common Application for Neuroradiology
  2. CV
  3. Personal statement
  4. USMLE or COMLEX transcript
  5. Three letters of recommendation (one of which must be from your program director)
  6. MSPE, final transcript and diploma copy 
  7. Internship Certificate
  8. ECFMG Certificate, if applicable
  9. Color headshot photo (passport-size)

Completed applications and supporting documentation should be returned to:

Linda Erickson
Program Coordinator
Department of Radiology
Renaissance School of Medicine
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY  11794-8460
Phone: (631) 444-2484
Fax: (631) 444-7538
Email: sbuh_radiol@stonybrookmedicine.edu

For appointment year 2023-24, our Neuroradiology Fellowship will participate in the NRMP 2022 Radiology Match. All applications will only be accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Interviews will be conducted via Zoom.

If you have any questions regarding the fellowship program, please contact either:
Dr. Avraham Bluestone, Program Director, at avraham.bluestone@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Dr. Giuseppe Cruciata, Associate Program Director, at giuseppe.cruciata@stonybrookmedicine.edu