This page provides the links required for our SBU SOM required modules:

1. Human subjects research training

After your register, be sure to affiliate with SUNY Stony Brook and to logon to complete the three SBU SOM required modules for:

a. Human subjects ethics training for biomedical sciences;

b. Responsible conduct of research for biomedical sciences;

c. Conflict of Interest

If further help is needed to complete your CITI-related required training modules, then you should contact the CITI training program site support at: 305-243-7970.

2. HIPAA in research training

Review the SBU Policy and Procedure on Research Subjects' Right to Privacy at Section 16 of the Standard Operating Procedures

Review the University Hospital's general HIPAA awareness training materials.

Satisfy this HIPAA training requirement by sending an e-mail to:

a. Where the subject reading: HIPAA RESEARCH TRAINING COMPLETED and

b. Where the body of the text reading: "I have read and understood the HIPAA awareness training materials and agree to comply with the SBU Policy and Procedures on Research Subjects' Right to Privacy."

3. Register for, as well as coordinate updates to existing protocols (where you are added as a trainee or faculty member) to sign off on each project.

If further help for either HIPAA research-related training or is required from the SBU SOM Office of the Vice President for Research, then please contact the Research Compliance team at:

Office CORIHS Assistant

Phone = 631-632-9036

ATTN: Mary Ellen Herz