Day to Day Workflow

Sample schedule of a day on the wards:

7A: receive sign-out from night team

8A – 9A: work rounds with senior residents

9A: Interdisciplinary rounds with case workers, social workers, physical therapy etc.

9:30A – 12:30P: Bedside teaching rounds with attending

1P – 2P: Resident Report

Focused patient care

We ensure that a vast majority of a resident’s daily routine is devoted towards focused patient care. The morning hours (7A to 12N) are a critical period of time for clinical learning. During this time, our residents are learning new patient cases and are engaged in bedside teaching rounds to construct and implement management plans for their patients. Our formal resident report is conducted Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 1:00 p.m. This timing allows residents to focus on patient care and bedside teaching in the morning hours. Structured didactics covering a variety of core internal medicine topics are integrated into the Academic Wednesday curriculum and Wednesday and Thursday core conference. Additionally, we have implemented two designated resident admitters stationed in the emergency room to conduct admissions from 7A to 12N (AD – Admitting Days rotation and CRAM – Cardiology Resident Admission Morning rotation).   These residents admit to the general medicine teaching teams and cardiac acute care (CACU) teams, ensuring that the senior residents on those teams can lead uninterrupted teaching rounds with their team. 

AD – Admitting Days rotation – during this rotation, a third-year resident is designated to conduct admissions to the general medicine and medical oncology teaching teams during the morning hours. The AD resident is supervised by the Medical Admitting Hospitalist who provides feedback and teaching pearls based on the admission.

CRAM – Cardiology Resident Admission Morning rotation – during this rotation, a third-year resident is designated to conduct cardiology admissions to “off-load” and provide support to our CACU service. The CRAM resident is supervised by the cardiology fellow and attending who provide feedback on the management of cardiac cases.