To teach is to learn twice! Our program covers fundamentals of adult learning theory microskills of teaching, feedback, setting expectations, assessment, and active learning strategies.

Resident as Teacher
We are passionate about education at Stony Brook. Our longitudinal Resident as Teacher sessions help our residents develop and hone their skills in bedside teaching, presentations, power point design, and effective feedback. Residents practice their teaching skills by participating in an integrated session emphasizing the Five Micro-skills for Teaching technique. 

5 Microskills for Clinical Teaching 

  1. Get a commitment – What do you think is going on?
  2. Probe for supporting evidence – What led you to that conclusion?
  3. Teach general rules – When this happens, do this…
  4. Reinforce what was done right – Specifically, you did an excellent job of…
  5. Correct mistakes – Next time this happens, try this…

Specific topics are tailored to the PGY level.

PGY 1 small group – Feedback Workshop

The ability to provide effective feedback is a critical function of effective teaching. Our interns participate in a small group exercises to learn effective strategies to use when giving feedback. The focus is on using a standardized approach to guide the delivery of feedback. After learning the techniques, interns divide into groups and practice giving feedback to each other.  

PGY 2 and 3 small group – Teach like a Champion Workshop

Our PGY 2 residents are taught the 5 Microskills of clinical teaching. This is followed by faculty role play of a clinical scenario that demonstrates the use of the 5 Microskills. Residents then break up into pairs and practice teaching a topic using this technique. PGY 2 residents focus on an ambulatory/clinic case history and physical presentation, while PGY 3 residents focus on an inpatient “chalk talk” on a selected topic. 

Large group clinical application

After mastering the content in their respective PGY levels, residents come together to apply the learned skills in a larger group forum.  PGY 2 and 3 residents demonstrate the 5 Microskills in the form of role play. The PGY 1 residents then engage in faculty facilitated feedback on the teaching demonstrations by applying the feedback techniques learned.