The Resident's Voice

Our residents take a very active role in how the residency program functions. Residents have a strong and welcome voice in all decisions regarding changes in rotation structure and day-to-day activities.  

Residency Advisory Council (RAC)

This peer elected council is made up of representatives from each residency class as well as from our medicine-pediatrics program.  Elected members meet with Dr. Lane on a monthly basis to discuss and develop action plans to address important issues identified by the residents, with a focus on the educational environment and resident well-being.  Our 4+1 schedule, and the IMAN and CRAM rotations are examples of highly successful resident-led initiatives.  Resident feedback is a major driver of innovation in our program.

Patient Safety Quality Council (PSQC) 

Our peer-selected Patient Safety Quality Council (PSQC) serves as a resident forum to discuss patient safety issues that are encountered by the residents. The council serves as a “consult” for safety issues. Multidisciplinary faculty facilitators provide guidance to the residents during the monthly meetings. Resident members identify and take a scholarly approach to address patient safety issues using the PDSA model for Quality Improvement.  Our residents take tremendous pride in their process improvements generated from the council. The outcomes are typically disseminated to national meetings and publication forums.  

Resident Townhall Meetings

Dr. Lane conducts periodic townhall meetings in the format of a Q and A. This is an open and informal forum for discussion of issues that residents may want to bring up. These meetings are also held to discuss any proposed program changes.