Resident Scholarship Oversight Program

Research, including basic science, clinical, translational, and quality improvement is a priority and strength of our program. All residents are required to complete a research scholarship project during their residency training. In order to maximize the success of our residents’ scholarly pursuits, the Stony Brook Internal Medicine Program has developed a Resident Scholarship Oversight Program, directed by one of our core faculty members, Getu Teressa, MD, PhD. This program provides residents with mentorship and training necessary for successful research activities for future academic careers, promotes proficiency in critical appraisal of the literature, and encourages our residents to pursue careers as clinical investigators. All Internal Medicine Residents are enrolled in the Scholarship Oversight Program beginning in internship year.

Components of the Resident Scholarship Oversight Program include:

  • Dedicated research curriculum including statistics, research design, and IRB process
  • Resident Research Handbook, authored by Dr. Teressa
  • Up-to-date electronic database of all ongoing research in the Department of Medicine
  • Twice yearly one-on-one meetings with Dr. Teressa to review project progress
  • Opportunity for research electives for project completion
  • Collaborative mentorship program to enable residents to get the most out of their mentorship relationships and provide career planning
  • Dedicated biostatistician for project refinement and statistical support
  • Support for conference attendance to present scholarly work
  • Annual Resident Research Day at Stony Brook University Hospital

Our Resident Scholarship Oversight Program has made a significant impact on the scholarly output of our residents. Scholarship is an essential aspect of residency training, regardless of one’s career path. For our fellowship-bound residents, the success in scholarship that our program provides is a key ingredient for a successful fellowship match.

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