Social Justice and Health Equity Education

“Healers are called to heal. When the fabric of communities upon which health depends is torn, then healers are called to mend it. The moral law within insists so. Improving the social determinants of health will be brought at last to a boil only by the heat of the moral determinants of health.”  ~ Donald M. Berwick MD, MPP, The Moral Determinants of Health

Our program is committed to developing physicians who not only understand the social determinants of health, but have the drive and expertise to work toward improved health equity for all.  The mission of our social justice and health equity learning program is to enhance awareness and recognition of the structural and social determinants of health and their impact on our patients’ lives with the goal to develop structural interventions to address these barriers to care. 

Important topics in Social Justice and Health Equity theme include education about structural and social determinants of health, implicit bias and microaggressions, upstander training, anti-racism education, LGBTQIA training, health policy education, and addiction medicine training.


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