Stony Brook Surgery Blog

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2/27/19 Preventing Heart Disease and Caring for Your Heart — A Year-Round Commitment
2/25/19 FAQs about Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity — What Everyone Needs to Know
2/22/19 Clinical Trial Aims to Advance Care for Disabling Vein Disease, Post-Thrombotic Syndrome
2/18/19 Cardiovascular Disease in Hispanics/Latinos in the United States and on Long Island
2/13/19 Dr. Richard Scriven Wins 16th Annual Maffetone Award for Community Service
2/08/19 February Is Kids ENT Health Month — What Parents & Guardians Need to Know
2/04/19 Vascular Disease in Women — What They Need to Know
2/01/19 Heart Disease in Women — What Everyone Needs to Know
1/21/19 Dr. Cedric J. Priebe Jr. — Founding Chief of Our Pediatric Surgery Division — Passes Away
1/16/19 FAQs about Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) for Pancreatic Cancer
1/09/19 FAQs about Mediastinal Tumors and Their Management
1/07/19 Our Vascular Services Established at Long Island Community Hospital
1/02/19 January Is Thyroid Awareness Month — Learn How to Care for Your Thyroid
1/01/19 "January Morning" by Physician-Poet William Carlos Williams
12/28/18 FAQs about Alcohol Consumption and Weight Gain
12/17/18 Clinical Trial Aims to Reduce Need for Lymph Node Removal in Breast Cancer Patients
12/10/18 Tips for Holiday Burn Injury Prevention: How to Avoid Our Burn Center
12/03/18 ALERT: Children's Toys May Be Hazardous; Prevent Ingestion Injuries
11/26/18 Treating Diabetes with Metabolic Surgery with Great Success
11/21/18 Gallbladder Survival Guide: Preventing an ER Visit over Thanksgiving
10/24/18 To Be, or Not to Be: It's Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month
10/10/18 World Thrombosis Day Is Coming — Time to Learn about the Leading Cause of Preventable Cardiovascular Death
10/01/18 It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month — What Women Need to Know
9/28/18 Helping a Girl to Keep Dancing with a Novel Reconstructive Surgery
9/20/18 Stony Brook Study Shows Higher Lung Cancer Survival Rates Achieved with Multidisciplinary Care
9/12/18 Long Island's First Pancreatic Cancer Center Now Here at Stony Brook
9/05/18 September Is National Childhood Obesity Month — Promoting Healthy Lives for Kids
8/28/18 POST-OP #37 Is Now Out — Our Department News Update
8/10/18 August Is National Gastroparesis Awareness Month — What You Need to Know