Feedback is provided to residents throughout the course of residency in every learning context, both informally (formative feedback) and formally (summative feedback). Throughout rotations, residents receive verbal feedback daily.  Supervising faculty have the opportunity to complete an evaluation at any time during their rotation through a quick formative feedback evaluation and then faculty also complete written electronic evaluations at the end of each rotation.  All evaluations are sent to the resident through a secure web-based system for review and are accessible 24 hours/day from any Internet-accessible platform. This provides an opportunity for rotation-specific feedback regarding strengths and weaknesses in a timely manner.

“360” evaluations provide an opportunity for feedback in different contexts and at different levels. To this end, residents are evaluated by nurse practitioners, nursing staff, and resident colleagues.  Twice per year, residents receive evaluations from patients in the continuity clinic setting. These anonymous evaluations enable another assessment of professionalism and communication skills. 

Residents meet with their faculty advisor three times per year to review their evaluations.  In addition, at least twice per year, each resident meets with the program director or associate program director for a summary review.

Each July, the residents take the American Board of Pediatrics In-Training Examination, which assesses strengths and weaknesses in medical knowledge.  The results are used to help guide a resident's study plans and move him or her forward toward passing the American Boards of Pediatrics Certifying Examination.