Resident Testimonials



"I couldn’t say enough positive things about our residency program. From the co residents, to the attendings, to the rest of the faculty and medical staff, I have felt welcomed since day 1. I came here to Long Island, unfamiliar with the area, and not knowing anyone, and now I can say it’s my “residency home.” It’s a great place for education- we get such interesting cases! And it’s helped me find what I want to do for the rest of my life!"
- Pianpian Wu, PGY3




"When I first came to Stony Brook, I was struck with how comfortable everyone seemed to be. I loved that all the residents and faculty were friendly and open and genuinely seemed to work well with each other. I like that the residents had a very close relationship with the faculty since there were few fellows. As I have moved through residency I only found this to be more and more true. I have had the chance to know so many of the faculty on a personal level"
- Ommul Fatmi, PGY3





"My favorite thing about our residency program is the support I have from my co-residents and faculty who have become a second family. I went to medical school at Stony Brook as well and chose to stay for residency because of the warm and familial culture of the program. I've also received much support from faculty in pursuing my academic and research interests in pediatric infectious disease and breastfeeding medicine."
- Kate Shapiro, PGY3




"What I love most about our Stony Brook residency program sounds cliche, but it truly is the camaraderie amongst the faculty and residents. One of the major points that appealed to me during my interview process was the amount of faculty that completed their residency here and ended up staying as an attending. Once I began my residency here, the reason for that became very clear! Our attendings truly care not only about our education, but how we grow as individuals and as pediatricians. My co-residents are just as supportive, both in and out of residency, and we always find ways to have fun together!"
- Sara Gungor, PGY3





 "One of the great aspects of completing residency training at Stony Brook is the mix of autonomy and support. The attending physicians do a great job of recognizing when it is appropriate to provide residents with autonomy to create and carry out their own plans for patients. At the same time they are always very approachable and easy to reach if any support is needed."
- Gregory Mooney, PGY3




"I just started my residency at Stony Brook Children's and I must say, since the moment I walked into the doors I felt right at home. I am extremely happy with the decision I made. Everyone in the pediatric residency program welcomed the new interns with smiles and open arms. The attendings pulled us under their wings and the current residents made us feel like we were already part of the team. Everyone at Stony Brook Children's is willing to spend countless hours teaching and helping us grow. As soon as you tell an attending that you are interested in their field, they immediately take the time to help guide you on the right path to expose you more to that field. The teaching environment and collaboration at Stony Brook is like no other."
- Kaitlyn Krebushevski, PGY1





"When I was interviewing for residency, the pediatrics residency program at Stony Brook was attractive to me for 3 reasons: its leadership, its location, and its resources. Now in my final year of residency, I am so happy to confirm that these 3 characteristics have helped serve as the basis for a fantastic residency experience. First, I feel incredibly well supported by Dr. Blair and the rest of the team here at Stony Brook. I have received great mentorship, which has allowed for professional advancement and the completion of successful research. Additionally, the residents look out for one another – creating an atmosphere of inclusion, care, and resilience. Second, the proximity to New York City has allowed my partner and I to live with each other. As she works in the Bronx, we live in between Stony Brook and NYC. I’m able to easily commute to Stony Brook and we’re able to maintain a healthy social life with friends in NYC and out on Long Island. Lastly, it has been fun to watch our patients and their families take advantage of the opportunities that the hospital has to offer. Stony Brook Children’s is a growing hospital with many resources – the opportunity to work in a new facility as part of a growing program has been very exciting!"
- Joshua Glass, PGY3




"Faculty are always there to guide you and have your best interests at heart."
- Jeremy Grossman, Med-Peds PGY2





"Starting residency is a huge transition. But at Stony Brook Children's I never felt as though I was just thrown in and expected to fend for myself like some rumors make residency in general seem. From day 1, I felt supported and welcomed as a new member of the Stony Brook Pediatrics family. I felt comfortable and right at home here immediately. It's very clear that the faculty and staff are incredibly warm and eager to start working with us. They go above and beyond to teach, mentor, and help us grow as physicians each and every day. The environment fosters a strong sense of camaraderie between residents and faculty adding to the many things Stony Brook Children's has to offer. The senior residents are always willing to lend a hand, take you under their wing, and show you the way whenever you need. I look forward to the next 3 years of my training at a program as unique and supportive as Stony Brook Children's."
- Tanmai Shah, PGY1