uS JuST hAviNg fUn!

Here are some pics from our Fun Foto Album!
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TopGolf Outing July 2022


Resident BBQ July 2022

Puppy Social!! November 2021


At ASA Meeting in San Diego! October 2021

Ski Trip!! February 2020

Halloween Party!! October 2019

In Orlando for the ASA meeting!! October 2019

There was a Pool Party Bash Extravaganza at Dr. Probst's house!! July 2019

The Christmas Call Team are all smiles, even though Starbucks is closed!

Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race - November 2018

Residents at ASA Meeting - October 2018

Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race - April 2018

CA1 and CBY Residents at Dr. Gan's home - July 2018

CA2 Residents celebrating passing the exams! - June 2018

Beach Volleyball with VA Hospital colleagues! - July 2018

Departmental Resident & Attending Bowling Night - May 2018

Residents at ACGME Bowling Night - March 2018

Holiday Party - December 2017 - More photos from party

Dr. Ahdratas at Puppy Social Wellness Event - Dec 2017

Attendings testing massage chairs at ASA meeting - Oct 2017

Residents & Attendings after running 5k at the "Running of the Bulls" race - Sept 2017

Resident & Attending Bowling Party - May 2017

Holiday Party 2016 - More photos from party

Halloween Party 2016

Enjoying Chicago during the 2016 ASA Meeting