uS JuST hAviNg fUn!

Here are some pics from our Fun Foto Album!
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Puppy Social!! November 2021


At ASA Meeting in San Diego! October 2021

Ski Trip!! February 2020

Halloween Party!! October 2019

In Orlando for the ASA meeting!! October 2019

There was a Pool Party Bash Extravaganza at Dr. Probst's house!! July 2019

The Christmas Call Team are all smiles, even though Starbucks is closed!

Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race - November 2018

Residents at ASA Meeting - October 2018

Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race - April 2018

CA1 and CBY Residents at Dr. Gan's home - July 2018

CA2 Residents celebrating passing the exams! - June 2018

Beach Volleyball with VA Hospital colleagues! - July 2018

Departmental Resident & Attending Bowling Night - May 2018

Residents at ACGME Bowling Night - March 2018

Holiday Party - December 2017 - More photos from party

Dr. Ahdratas at Puppy Social Wellness Event - Dec 2017

Attendings testing massage chairs at ASA meeting - Oct 2017

Residents & Attendings after running 5k at the "Running of the Bulls" race - Sept 2017

Resident & Attending Bowling Party - May 2017

Holiday Party 2016 - More photos from party

Halloween Party 2016

Enjoying Chicago during the 2016 ASA Meeting