Wellness Program

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Updated: 07-01-20
  The Stony Brook Anesthesiology Wellness Program endeavors to promote patient safety by uplifting our workforce in an environment of peace and harmony. Our aim is to strike work-life balance, fitness, health, and coping skills for all members of our department. We acknowledge that each member of the department belongs to a family and we welcome them to participate in our activities.

Hallowe'en Party

  • BBQs
  • Happy Hours
  • Holiday Parties
  • Spartan Race
  • Dinners
  • Mindfulness sessions/workshops
  • Bowling
  • Ski Trip
  • Women’s Night
  • Baby Showers

Here are some pics from our Fun Foto Album!
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Recommended Reading
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  Remaining Healthy in a World Where We Treat the Sick Every Day
  Get a Grip! How to Cope Without Letting Go
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  Maintaining Your Health With Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Pool Party Bash Extravaganza
Holiday Party
Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race
Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race
Holiday Party
"Running of the Bulls" 5k race
Beach Volleyball with VA Hospital colleagues
Puppy Social Wellness Event
Prayer Service for Healthcare Professionals, led by Rev. Dr. Tracie Saunders