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Paul J. Poppers Memorial Lectureship
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updated 06/17/2023

What's New!
Paul J. Poppers Memorial Lectureship

Ellen Steinberg, MD, Chair of the Endowment Committee

  As many of you already know, our founding Chairman, Dr. Paul Jules Poppers, passed away on June 20, 2019, at the age of 89 [Obituary]. Dr. Poppers led a remarkable life and career. He was born in the Netherlands in 1929 and he and his family survived the Holocaust by going into hiding on a farm for more than two years. After the war, he went on to complete his medical degree at the University of Amsterdam in 1955 and then came to the United States for residency training. He was a faculty member at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital from 1963-1974 and then joined the faculty at NYU as Professor and Vice Chairman. He was recruited to Chair the Department of Anesthesiology in the newly formed Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1980.

We were honored to have members of the Poppers family with us at the 2019 Alumni Reception:
Dr. Poppers' wife Ann, and their sons David and Jeremy.

  During his 20 year tenure as Chairman of our department, he remained committed to excellence in clinical care and research, recruiting top-flight faculty physicians, developing a competitive Residency Training Program and attracting NIH-supported basic scientists. By the time Dr. Poppers retired as a SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus in 1999, he had transformed our department, growing it from a handful of faculty members to include more than 30 clinical and basic science faculty and over 20 residents. We are fortunate that the legacy of Dr. Paul Poppers lives on in our department through his son, Jeremy Poppers, MD, PhD who is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Chief of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology.

Our department and the family of Dr. Paul Poppers intend to honor the memory of our founding chairman by establishing an endowed lectureship, which will enable the department to invite a renowned guest speaker each year to deliver the Paul J. Poppers Distinguished Lecture. This fund is administered through the Stony Brook Foundation and is established in perpetuity. To launch this effort, the Poppers family has agreed to seed the fund with a donation of $50,000, which will be matched by our department.

In addition, our department has agreed to match all other private donations we receive up to $25,000. We invite you to participate with a gift of your own toward the fund. All donations are welcome. Whatever you choose to give, please know that the amount of your donation will never be shared with either the department of the family. Use this link, type "poppers" in the search box, and select "The Paul J Poppers, MD Distinguished Visiting Endowed Lectureship in Anesthesiology".

SleepTalker We invite our Alumni to keep up-to-date on what is happening at Stony Brook Anesthesiology.

  Dr. Christopher Gallagher organized the first ASA-endorsed Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA®) program in simulation in 2009. The Center for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety at Stony Brook Medicine offers one day simulation training courses in anesthesia crisis management. We are approved by the American Society of Anesthesiologist’s (ASA) Committee on Simulation Education to provide simulation training for ABA Diplomates seeking to fulfill their Practice Performance Assessment and Improvement (PPAI) requirement for MOCA®. Please consult the ABA website for a list of all MOCA® requirements.

For more information, contact Joan Claeson at (631)-444-2904
or visit the Clinical Skills Center website.

MOCA® and Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Program® are registered trademarks of The American Board of Anesthesiology, Inc.

Alumni Reception at PGA 2019

   The 4th Annual Alumni Reception was held at the PGA hotel. A good move because we attracted more than 70 people! We were honored to have members of the Poppers family with us for the announcement of the Paul J. Poppers Memorial Lectureship.

View all the photos from the Alumni Reception here!

Alumni Reception at PGA 2018

   The 3rd Annual Alumni Reception was held on the day of Santacon, as usual! No Santa's visited us, but we did see some faces we hadn't seen in quite some time. Our pianist not only provided background music during the event, but also led us in a Holiday Sing-Along. Steve Vitkun again asked questions to the attendees for prizes. This year, the questions were not so easily answered with Google!

View all the photos from the Alumni Reception here!

Alumni Reception at PGA 2017

   The 2nd Annual Alumni Reception was held on the snowy Saturday evening during the PGA. About 60 former and current members of the department gathered for food, wine, beer and memories. This year, we were treated to pleasant background piano music during the event. Our department's research successes were illustrated by a series of posters displayed around the room. Dr. TJ Gan spoke on the highlights of 2017 for the department. Dr. Stephen Vitkun quizzed the group with anesthesia history-related questions and awarded prizes to those with good memories (or rapid googling skills). Friendships were renewed, contacts were exchanged and a good time was had by all!

View all the photos from the Alumni Reception here!

Alumni Reception at PGA 2016

   On Saturday Dec 11, 2016 Dr. Gan hosted a Departmental Alumni Reception at the Yale Club in New York City. The event was well attended by both resident and faculty alumni. The venue worked very well and everyone had a good time. It was nice to catch up with many colleagues, and to appreciate the how many residents and attendings have been affiliated with Stony Brook Anesthesiology over the past 37 years!

View all the photos from the Alumni Reception here!

2023 Graduates
Name Current Position
Kathleen Cervo, M.D. Private Practice
Patrick Diamond, M.D. Private Practice
Paul Kozlowski, D.O. Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, Montefiore Medical Center
Shayla Mena, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic
Shruti Parikh, M.D. Private Practice
Giacomo Scorsese, D.O. Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC
Christopher Seiter, D.O. Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Aria Shafai, M.D. Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellowship, Columbia Presbyterian
Elliot Turkiew, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Columbia Presbyterian
Brandon Key, D.D.S. San Antonio, TX
Jennifer Kim, D.D.S. Nashville TN
Vy Nguyen, D.D.S. San Diego, CA
Erica Simms, D.D.S. Upper Marlboro, MD

2022 Graduates
Name Current Position
Saamia Alam, M.D. Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship, Montefiore Medical Center
Lucas Bracero, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Cornell
Carlos Figueroa, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, Hofstra
Ramanjot Kang, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Cornell
Ishu Kant, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Mt. Sinai West
Benjamin Kim, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Mt. Sinai
Ashley Mathew, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, DC Childrens
Karim Shuaib, M.D. Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellowship, Columbia Presbyterian
Elizabeth Watson, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Stony Brook Medicine
Albert Xiao, M.D. Private Practice, Texas
Sarah Lee, D.D.S. Mobile Dental Anesthesiology of NY
Grace Lin, D.M.D. Northeast Dental Anesthesia Associates, Boston
Cuong Nguyen, D.D.S. Carepoint Anesthesia, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Benjamin Statman, D.M.D. Smile MD, Cleveland, OH

2021 Graduates
Name Current Position
Robert Chojnowski, M.D. Pain Fellowship at Mount Sinai West
Youngil (Sam) Kim, M.D. Private St. Catherine's Hospital, Long Island
Shuran Ma, M.D. Pain Fellowship at Oregon Health and Science University
Josiah Miles, M.D. Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center
Duran Mitchell, M.D. Pain Fellowship at Duke University
Jerimarie Pasiliao, M.D. Private Practice, Southern California
Ravi Shah, M.D. Pain Fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital
Ramiz Shuminov, M.D. Mt. Sinai Queens, New York
Usama Siddique, M.D. Regional Anesthesia Fellowship at Mt Sinai West
Adam Taft, M.D. Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship at Maine Medical Center
David Guthrie, D.M.D. Private Practice, Louisville, Kentucky
Allison Lee, D.D.S. Private Practice, Dallas, Texas
Whitney Saarem, D.M.D. Private Practice, Advanced Dental Anesthesia Services (NY/NJ/PA)

2020 Graduates
Name Current Position
Ehab Al Bizri, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Yale University
William Leif Ericksen, M.D. Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, NYU
Manuel Lee, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship at Johns Hopkins
Melia McManus, M.D. Pain Management Fellowship, University of Toledo
Charles Mouch, M.D. Pain Medicine Fellowship, Weill Cornell
Carlos Sanchez, M.D. Private Practice, Mid-Atlantic Anesthesia Associates (Camden, NJ)
Richard Tenure, M.D. Critical Care Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania; Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital
Ramak (Vicky) Vojdani, D.O. Private Practice
Adam Wetcher, M.D. Private Practice, Long Island Anesthesia Physicians (Long Island, NY)
Grace Yau, M.D. Private Practice (Queens, NY)
Chamamdeep Brar, D.D.S. Private Practice office-based general anesthesia, Texas
Bryce Farr, D.D.S. Private Practice office-based general anesthesia, Tennessee
Jae Grymes, D.D.S. Private Practice office-based general anesthesia, Delaware
Julie Mercado, D.D.S. Private Practice office-based general anesthesia, Texas

2019 Graduates
Name Current Position
Demetri Adrahtas, M.D. Adult Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, Rutgers Medical Center, Newark NJ
Antanique Brown, M.D. Anesthesia Practice, Mountainside Hospital, Montclair, NJ
Joseph Caballero, M.D. Anesthesia Practice, Northport VA Hospital
Tinsae Demissie, M.D. Anesthesia Practice, Houston, TX
Diana Escobar, M.D. Saint John’s Health Center, Santa Monica, CA
Michael Khalili, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Columbia University Medical Center
Justina Lekhraj, M.D. Anesthesia Practice, Hackensack University Medical Center
Yuchen Liu, M.D. Anesthesia Practice, Walnut Creek, California
Sana Na Javeed, M.D. Anesthesia Critical Care Fellowship, Cornell
Andie Smestad, M.D. Anesthesia Practice, Hackensack University Medical Center
Gina Chen, D.D.S. Private Practice in Northeastern Pennsylvania
Ryan Cheung, D.D.S. Private Practice for mobile anesthesia group in San Francisco Area

2018 Graduates
Name Current Position
Adrian Fischl, M.D. Cardiac Fellowship, Penn State
Ricardo Georges, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Bay State Health
Betty Hua, M.D. Huntington Hospital
Jeff Josma, M.D. Pain Management Fellowship, Texas Tech University
Kseniya Khmara, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, University of Colorado
Ethan Kim, M.D. Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship, University of Southern California
Anupam Sharma, M.D. Pain Medicine Fellowship, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Justin Smith, M.D. Private Practice, New Jersey
Richard Thalappillil, M.D. Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship: Tufts Medical Center
Minxi Weng, M.D. Private Practice, Queens, NY
Jonathan Bacon, D.D.S. Howard University College of Dentistry
Tyler Tomkinson, D.M.D. Private Practice, Arizona
Hasan Zia, D.D.S. Private Practice, Texas

2017 Graduates
Name Current Position
Eldhose Abrahams, M.D. Pain Medicine Fellowship, Emory University
Alina Fradlis, M.D. Private Practice, Huntington, NY
Aylin Gonzalez, M.D. Private Practice, Miami, FL
Mikhail Kagan, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Drexel University College of Medicine
Scott Licata, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Rey Llenes, M.D.
Private Practice, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jonathan Moy, M.D.
Private Practice, Hoboken, NJ
Nehul Patel, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship:
University of Michigan
David Soohoo, M.D.
Private Practice, Huntington, NY
Jonathan Bancroft, D.M.D.
Private Practice, Texas
Jason Park, D.M.D.
Private Practice, Edmonton, Canada
David Pfeffer, D.D.S.
Stony Brook Dental School
Greg Walton, D.M.D.
Private Practice, Texas

2016 Graduates
Name Current Position
Alan Caces, M.D. Morris Anesthesia Group, Denville, NJ
Brian Cho, M.D.  Long Island Anesthesia Physicians, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
Kevin Lee, M.D. Long Island Anesthesia Physicians, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
Roger Moon, M.D.
Pain Medicine Fellowship: Cedars-Sinai Hospital
Rosanna Nunziata, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship: Yale School of Medicine
Aimee Pak, M.D.
Acute Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia Fellowship:
Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical School
Alexander Praslick, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship: Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Jason Pollack, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship:
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University
Samir Shah, M.D.
Morris Anesthesia Group, Denville, NJ
Malwina Wloch, M.D.
Winthrop University Hospital
Kevin Dincher, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Pennsylvania
Brandon Fitzgerald, D.D.S.
Private Practice, East Coast
Shelly Levln, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Florida
Breanna Weiland, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Pennsylvania

2015 Graduates
Name Current Position
Daniel Brezina, M.D. Pediatric fellowship. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Siddharth Dave, M.D. Critical care fellowship. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Eric DeVeaux, M.D. Private practice. New Jersey
Carol Eisenstat, M.D. Private practice. New Jersey
Beata Evans, M.D. Pediatric fellowship. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Ahmed Haque, M.D. Chronic Pain fellowship. University of Vermont
Brett Moses, M.D. Pediatric fellowship. University of Pittsburgh
Sherwin Park, M.D. Stony Brook faculty
Julia Sverdlova, M.D. Private Practice, Suffolk County, NY
Vassilios Tsafos, M.D. Morris Anesthesia Group (private practice in NJ)
Isabel Wu, M.D. UT Southwestern Medical Center
Michael Alanes, D.D.S.
Teaching & Private Practice, California
Yuen Hu, D.D.S.
Teaching & Private Practice, California
Lily Wu, D.D.S.
Teaching & Private Practice, Massachusetts

2014 Graduates
Name Current Position
Wesam Andraous, M.B., Ch.B.
Diana Besleaga, M.D. Pain Fellowship, Wake Forest University
Katherine Chiu, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, UCLA
Chinedum Enyinna, M.D. Mount Kisco, NY
Catherine Gruffi, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, University of Michigan
Samantha Joseph, M.D. Brooklyn, NY
Eugene Kim, M.D. Pediatric Pain Fellowship, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Ryan Marcelino, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Usman Shah, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Christopher Tam, M.D. Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Meng Wang, M.D. Stony Brook Faculty
Ashley Catalano, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Pennsylvania
Mitchell Duckworth, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Montana
Hadi Nassar, D.D.S.
Private Practice, California
Jon Wong, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Virginia

2013 Graduates
Name Current Position
Sherin Azmy, M.B., Ch.B. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Acute Pain Fellowship
Ylena Babenko, M.D. Brooklyn, NY. Private Practice
Anjali Dogra, M.D. Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD. Critical Care Fellowship
Qiao Guo, M.D. Stony Brook Faculty at VA Medical Center, Northport
Thomas Helsby, M.D. Modesto, CA
Mark Kim, M.D. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Sang Le, M.D. Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. Pediatric Fellowship
Hadi Moten, M.D. Mount Sinai, New York, NY. Pain Fellowship
John Nguyen, M.D. St. Anthony’s Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL.
Jonathan Tan, M.D. Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA. Pediatric Fellowship
William Vuong, M.D. Stony Brook Faculty
Andrea Bell, D.D.S.
Teaching, Illinois
Jennifer Hays, D.D.S.
Private Practice, California
Jason Joseph, D.D.S.
Private Practice, New York
Mohit Sharda, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Texas

2012 Graduates
Name Current Position
Erin Brown, MD Oregon Anesthesiology Group, Portland, OR
Jason Cordero, MD Flushing Hospital Medical Center, Flushing, NY
Christine Curcio, MD University of Michigan’s Mott’s Children’s Hospital, Peds Anesthesia Fellowship
Robert Eldridge, MD Washington University, St. Louis, MO, Critical Care Fellowship
Asher Emanuel, MD Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles, Peds Anesthesia Fellowship
Crista-Gaye Foster, MD Cornell, Pain Fellowship
Robert Kyureghian, MD Cornell, Pain Fellowship
Victor Milloul, MD South Nassau Communities Hospital, Oceanside, NY
Arjun Reddy, MD
Rebecca Sangster, MD Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Peds Anesthesia Fellowship; Allied Anesthesia Medical Group, Santa Ana, CA
Kevin Croft, D.D.S.
Teaching and Private Practice, Utah
Timothy Orr, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Texas
Stephanie Rashewsky, D.D.S.
Specialized in Pediatric Dentistry, Michigan
Matthew Yezersky, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Tennessee
an image is here

2011 Graduates
Name Current Position
Dominick Coleman, MD Valhalla Medical Center
Joseph Conrad, MD Northport VA Medical Center
Kathleen Dubrow, MD Cleveland Clinic, Pediatric Anesthesiology fellowship 
Sofia Geralemou, MD
Cherrie Jose, MD Greater Houston Anesthesiology Group
Anna Kogan, DO
Michael Mondloch, MD Helena, Montana
Matthew Neal, MD Thomas Memorial Hospital, Charleston, West Virginia
Qazi Siddique, MD North American Partners in Anesthesia, Melville, NY
Jonida Zeqo, MD Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, Arkansas Children's Hospital
Michael Austin, D.D.S.
Specialized in Pediatric Dentistry, West Coast
Lucy Park, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Texas
Rob Schiller, D.D.S.
Medical School, Anesthesia, Duke University
Bryan Waxman, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Toronto

2010 Graduates
Name Current Position
Ramon Abola, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Louis Y. Chun, MD Surgical Services, Seattle, WA
Jason Daras, DO Morris Anesthesia Group, Parsippany, NJ
Michelle DiGuglielmo, MD Brookhaven Anesthesia, Islip, NY
Rany R. Makaryus, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Khoa N. Nguyen, MD Childrens Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
Marco Palmieri, DO Pain Fellowship, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Stony Brook Faculty
Andrew D. Rozbruch, DO North American Partners in Anesthesia, Melville, NY
Todd A. Samter, MD North American Partners in Anesthesia, Melville, NY
Shiena Sharma, MD Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, CA
Tate Montgomery, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Oklahoma
Jane Yi, D.D.S.
Private Practice, West Coast

2009 Graduates
Name Current Position
James Bell, MD  
Steve Chen, MD
Thomas Corrado, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Ramtin Cohanim, MD Los Angeles, CA
Vedan Djesevic, MD North American Partners in Anesthesia, Melville, NY
Renata Kowal, MD
Mathew Tito, MD
Ming Tsang, MD  
Misako Sakamaki, MD University of Pennsylvania

2008 Graduates
Name Current Position
Anshul Airen, MD Princeton, NJ
Benjamin Greenberg, MD University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY
Kyungrok Kim, MD Los Angeles, CA
Christian Martin, MD Southside Hospital, Bay Shore, NY
Jeffrey Pan, MD Guilford, CT
Igor Pikus, MD Morris Anesthesia Group, Parsippany, NJ
Stephen Probst, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Jessica Roman, MD Review Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC

2007 Graduates
Name Current Position
Andres Bustos, MD Valley Anesthesiology Consultants, Scottsdale, AZ
Robert Chavez, MD Valley Anesthesiology Consultants, Scottsdale, AZ
Wai Gong Chin, MD Long Island Anesthesiologists, West Islip, NY
John Coleman, MD  
Christopher Collado, MD Queens Physicians Assoc, Queens, NY
Michelle DeLemos, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Myungsa Kang, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Jian Lin, MD Pompton Plains, NJ
David Lo, MD  
Christopher Page, MD
Maryam Rahimzadeh, DO East End Anesthesiologists, Southampton, NY
Robert Trainer, DO  

2006 Graduates
Name Current Position
Jatinder Bhangoo, MD Anesthesia Assoc/St Francis PC, Poughkeepsie, NY
Ashita Chandra, MD Norwalk, CT
Hasan Khawaja, MD  
Long Nguyen, MD  
Seong Park, MD  
Rakesh Patel, MD  Private Practice, Long Island Anesthesiologists PLLC.
Craig Scannevin, MD  
Jennifer Whittemore, DO  
Keith Witt, DO  

2005 Graduates
Name Current Position
Kenneth Chua, MD
James Dana, MD
Brian Durkin, DO  
Vidhata Malhotra, MD  
Richard Melucci, MD  
Milija Milic, MD  
Brian Reilly, MD  
Jerry Santos, MD  
Kulwinder Sehmbey, MD  

2004 Graduates
Name Current Position
Tazeen Beg, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Donghui Chen, MD  
Qiping Chen, MD  
Jonathan Edelman, MD  
Igor Izrailtyan, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Zvi Jacob, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Lixin Liu, MD
Paul Scarola, DO Private Practice, Long Island Anesthesiologists PLLC.
Jairo Vedra, DO Private Practice, Long Island Anesthesiologists PLLC.
Aziz Wahab, MD  
Eduard Yost, MD  

2003 Graduates
Name Current Position
Shiva Danda, MD
Denise Haberle-Kroog, MD
Sanjeev Kapuria, MD
Gazi Mohsin Shahid, MD
Magdy Yacoub, MD
Shao H. Yang, MD

2002 Graduates
Name Current Position
Kalid Ahmad, MD
Dessislava Buchkova, MD
Dominique Deltor, MD
Abdel Aziz Gaber
Wei-Xing Guo, MD
Tolga Kapusuz, MD
Josette Legaspi Tamayo, MD
Gregory McNamara, MD
Madhumita Saikia, MD Stony Brook Faculty at Northport VA
Mukul Singh, MD
Vasudha Viswanathan, MD

2001 Graduates
Name Current Position
Harjinder Dhaliwal, MD
Sue Han, MD
Maher Ibraihim, MD
Bo Liu, MD
Jaffer Mobeen, MD
Daryn Moller, MD Stony Brook Faculty
Michael Shaffer, MD