Neuroanesthesia/ENT Anesthesia Division

The Division of Neuroanesthesia/ENT Anesthesia comprises eight full-time faculty members. We care for over 1500 patients per year in the neuro-operating rooms and the neuro-interventional suite. Our Mission is to provide world class perioperative care to patients presenting for neurological surgery, cerebrovascular intervention and ENT surgery while developing faculty research, education, and continuous quality improvement.

Stony Brook Medical Center is the only tertiary center for neurosurgery and interventional neuroradiology in Suffolk County. Dr. Raphael P. Davis is the Chairman of the Department of Neurological and Co-Director of the Neurosciences Institute. His surgical expertise includes the treatment of skull base tumors (pituitary tumors and acoustic neuromas), brain tumors, as well as complex spinal surgery.

Dr. Fiorella, a Board–Certified neuroradiologist, is highly regarded as a pioneer in the introduction of novel devices for neurointerventional treatment of brain aneurysms and intracranial atherosclerosis. Dr. Fiorella has expertise in neurointerventional treatment of cerebral aneurysms, neurointerventional management of acute stroke, embolization of CNS tumors, and neurointerventional treatment of cerebral and spinal arteriovenous malformations, dural arteriovenous fistulas, and carotid and intracranial atherosclerosis.

Our Neuroanesthesia division provides 24/7 specialty coverage for stroke and sub-arachnoid hemorrhage.

We recently welcomed Dr. Charles Mikell, a Columbia University-trained neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and epilepsy.

Dr. David Schessel, a world renowned expert on audiology and Director of the Division of Otolaryngology in the Department of Surgery. The Division of Neuroanesthesia/ENT Anesthesia provides care during more than 500 procedures per year performed by this surgical service.

Division Members

Stephen Probst, MD
Chief of Neuroanesthesia/ENT Anesthesia

  • Stephen Probst, MD was appointed Chief of the Division of Neuro/ENT Anesthesia in January 2011. He completed his medical training and anesthesia residency at Stony Brook. He is an Operating room coordinator and represents the Division on the Executive Committee and Finance Committee.
  • Sergio Bergese, MD joined the department in 2019. Previously at The Ohio State University, he has considerable clinical, administrative and research credentials.
  • Thomas Corrado, MD serves on the departmental Resident Education Committee, CCC and is an Operating room coordinator.
  • Lauren Fleischer, MD has been a member of the Neuro/ENT division for over 15 years, after completing both residency and fellowship in Neuroanesthesia at Columbia-Presbyterian. She is the Division's representative on the QA Committee.
  • Anna Kogan, DO chairs the department’s CCC.
  • Christopher Page, MD went to Columbia-Presbyterian for a fellowship in Acute Pain Management. In addition to his responsibilities as a member of the Division, Dr. Page is also the Chief of the Division of Acute Pain Management.
  • William Vuong, MD
Residency Training
The Division provides three 1 month rotations in neuroanesthesia/ENT anesthesia. During the first month, the resident is exposed to the basics of both neuro and ENT anesthesia, with a focus on cases such as spine surgery, ventricular shunts, cranioplasty, tonsillectomy, functional endoscopic procedures, thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy and tympanoplasty. During the second month, the resident provides anesthetic care for more involved cases, such cerebral aneurysms, craniotomies, trans-sphenoidal surgery and complex head and neck dissections. The third month focuses on interventional cerebrovascular cases as well as surgery for movement disorders and epilepsy, including awake craniotomy and deep brain stimulator placement. A written syllabus is given to each resident and a series of intraoperative lectures and problem based learning discussions is provided. Residents prepare a brief presentation on a relevant topic of interest for the division faculty which is given during the last week of the rotation.

Recent Division Activity

Resident Dr. Zia presenting his poster at the 2016 PGA meeting

Drs. Corrado, Gallagher, Kogan and Probst at the 2016 ASA meeting

Recent Publications
Resident authors denoted by bold type
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Recent Presentations
  • Zia H, Oleszak SP, Andraous W. Complex Airway Management for Vocal Cord Lesion, Partial Glossectomy, Partial Palatectomy, Tonsillectomy, Pharyngectomy and Radical Neck Dissection combined. ASA 2017
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