Stephen Probst, MD

Associate Professor
Vice Chair for Clinical Operations
Associate Medical Director of Perioperative Services
Phone: 631-444-2975
Stony Brook Medicine Profile
  • Education  
  • Stony Brook University - M.D.
  • Internal Medicine, Stony Brook University - Training
  • Department of Anesthesiology, Stony Brook University - Residency
  • Publications  
  • Medline Search
  • Geralemou S, Probst S, Gan TJ. The Role of Capnography to Prevent Postoperative Respiratory Adverse Effects. APSF Newsletter 2016, Oct:42-43
  • Benveniste H, Lee H, Ding F, Sun Q, Al-Bizri E, Makaryus R, Probst S, Nedergaard M, Stein EA, Lu H. Anesthesia with Dexmedetomidine and Low-dose Isoflurane Increases Solute Transport via the Glymphatic Pathway in Rat Brain When Compared with High-dose Isoflurane. Anesthesiology. 2017 Dec;127(6):976-988.
  • Smith J, Probst S, Calandra C, Davis R, Sugimoto K, Nie L, Gan TJ, Bennett-Guerrero E. Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) program for lumbar spine fusion. Perioper Med (Lond). 2019 May 28;8:4.
  • Fiorella D, Fargen KM, Leslie-Mazwi TM, Levitt M, Probst S, Bergese S, Hirsch JA, Albuquerque FC. Neurointervention for emergent large vessel occlusion during the covid-19 pandemic. J Neurointerv Surg. 2020 Apr 20.
  • Probst S, Corrado T, Bergese SD, Fiorella D. A dedicated cerebrovascular anesthesia team is a critical component of a comprehensive stroke center. J Neurointerv Surg. 2020 Mar;12(3):227-228.
  • Probst S, Romeiser J, Gan TJ, Halper D, Sisti AR, Morimatsu H, Sugimoto K, Bennett-Guerrero E. Ability of the integrated pulmonary index to predict impending respiratory events in the early postoperative period. Perioper Med (Lond). 2023 Jul 17;12(1):39
  • Recent Presentations  
  • Corrado T, Probst S, Gallagher C. Milestone day - Getting the word out on milestones via simulation. International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, New Orleans, January, 2015
  • Pollack J, Probst S. Anesthetic and Post Operative Management of Venous Air Embolism in the Seated Position. ASA 2016
  • Smith J, Probst S, Calandra C, Davis R, Sugimoto K, Nie L, Gan TJ, Bennett-Guerrero E. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program in Patients Undergoing Lumbar Fusion. ASA 2018
  • Gupta R, Rizwan S, Romeiser J, Abola RE, Probst S, Gan TJ. Effect of Deep Versus Moderate Neuromuscular Blockade on Peak Airway Pressures in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery. ASA 2019