Elliott Bennett-Guerrero, MD

Vice Chair for Clinical Research
Medical Director, Perioperative Quality and Patient Safety, Stony Brook Medicine
Phone: 631-444-6026
Fax: 888-213-8457
Stony Brook Medicine Profile
  • Education:
  • Harvard Medical School, MA - MD (1991)
  • Duke University, NC - Anesthesiology Residency (1995) and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship (1996)
  • Research Interests:
  • Safety and effectiveness of blood transfusion
  • Surgical site infection
  • Postoperative morbidity
  • Quality improvement
Personal Statement:
Elliott Bennett-Guerrero, MD joined Stony Brook in 2015 as Professor of Anesthesiology and Vice Chair for Clinical Research and Innovation in the Department of Anesthesiology. He is Medical Director for Perioperative Quality and Patient Safety for Stony Brook Medicine and has been involved in many quality improvement initiatives including VTE, sepsis, mortality, diabetes, NSQIP/ERAS, readmissions, and appropriate coding and documentation of patient risk.

He was on the faculty of Duke University from 2003-2015 where he was Professor and Director of Perioperative Clinical Research at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI). He served on Duke’s IRB for over 10 years. On the national level, he has reviewed grant applications for the NHLBI/NIH, and was an associate editor of Critical Care Medicine, the premier peer-reviewed, scientific publication in critical care and the official journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. He serves on several editorial boards and has been inducted into several professional honor societies including the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the Association of University Anesthesiologists.

Dr. Bennett-Guerrero graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1991, and completed his training in cardiac anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Duke University Medical Center. He is dual board-certified in anesthesiology and critical care medicine, and is an active clinician.

His research interests include the safety and effectiveness of blood transfusion, surgical site infection, postoperative morbidity, and cancer recurrence. He is currently leading a 2,000 patient multicenter randomized trial to prevent death after cancer surgery. He has received significant funding (~$40 million) from numerous sources including the NIH as well as industry, and has led diverse clinical research projects including large multicenter randomized trials, pharmacokinetic studies, healthy volunteer studies, and large database analyses. He holds several patents for novel technologies, and has experience with basic science/animals models. Over his career, he has mentored numerous individuals, including medical students, residents, junior faculty and has been the primary mentor for Masters and PhD level candidates.

  • Selected Publications:
  • Medline Search
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photo by Jeanne Neville